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Augmented reality based simulator for robotic-assisted hip replacement training

Journal Articles

  • Nino Barrera, J.L., Cortés-Rodríguez, C.J. and Aguilera Canon, M.C., 2014. Usefulness of shaping the glide path before using rotary nickel-titanium endodontic files. Revista Cubana de Estomatologia, 51 (3), 270-279.
  • Niño-Barrera, J.L., Aguilera-Cañón, M.C. and Cortes-Rodríguez, C.J., 2013. Theoretical evaluation of Nickel-Titanium Mtwo series rotary files. Acta odontológica latinoamericana : AOL, 26 (2), 90-96.



  • Aguilera Canon, M.C., 2017. Possibilities of Augmented Reality for the use of hand-held instruments and machines. Undergraduate Dissertation. Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Attended Training

  • Introduction to Good Clinical Practice, 15 May 2018
  • RPD Workshop: Developing a Search Strategy and using Researcher tools, 03 Oct 2017


  • BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineer (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2017)


  • PhD Scholarship (Bournemouth University, 2017)
  • Stipendium : Junge Ingenieure - Colombia (DAAD Colombia - Colciencias, 2014)
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