Otto Loberg

Dr Otto Loberg

  • oloberg at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Psychology
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Journal Articles

  • Gopalan, P.R.S., Loberg, O., Lohvansuu, K., McCandliss, B., Hamalainen, J.A. and Leppanen, P.H.T., 2020. Attentional Processes in Children With Attentional Problems or Reading Difficulties as Revealed Using Brain Event-Related Potentials and Their Source Localization. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.
  • Hautala, J., Loberg, O., Azaiez, N., Taskinen, S., Tiffin-Richards, S.P. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2019. What information should I look for again? Attentional difficulties distracts reading of task assignments. Learning and Individual Differences, 75.
  • Loberg, O., Hautala, J., Hämäläinen, J.A. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2019. Influence of reading skill and word length on fixation-related brain activity in school-aged children during natural reading. Vision Research, 165, 109-122.
  • Degno, F., Loberg, O., Zang, C., Zhang, M., Donnelly, N. and Liversedge, S.P., 2019. A co-registration investigation of inter-word spacing and parafoveal preview: Eye movements and fixation-related potentials. PLoS ONE, 14 (12).
  • Degno, F., Loberg, O., Zang, C., Zhang, M., Donnelly, N. and Liversedge, S.P., 2019. Parafoveal previews and lexical frequency in natural reading: Evidence from eye movements and fixation-related potentials. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 148 (3), 453-474.
  • Santhana Gopalan, P.R., Loberg, O., Hämäläinen, J.A. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2019. Attentional processes in typically developing children as revealed using brain event-related potentials and their source localization in Attention Network Test. Scientific Reports, 9 (1).
  • Loberg, O., Hautala, J., Hämäläinen, J.A. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2018. Semantic anomaly detection in school-aged children during natural sentence reading - A study of fixation-related brain potentials. PLoS ONE, 13 (12).
  • Heikkilä, J., Tiippana, K., Loberg, O. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2018. Neural Processing of Congruent and Incongruent Audiovisual Speech in School-Age Children and Adults. Language Learning, 68, 58-79.
  • Hautala, J., Kiili, C., Kammerer, Y., Loberg, O., Hokkanen, S. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2018. Sixth graders’ evaluation strategies when reading Internet search results: an eye-tracking study. Behaviour and Information Technology, 37 (8), 761-773.
  • Hämäläinen, J., Landi, N., Loberg, O., Lohvansuu, K., Pugh, K. and Leppänen, P.H.T., 2018. Brain event-related potentials to phoneme contrasts and their correlation to reading skills in school-age children. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 42 (3), 357-372.
  • Hautasaari, P., Savić, A.M., Loberg, O., Niskanen, E., Kaprio, J., Kujala, U.M. and Tarkka, I.M., 2017. Somatosensory Brain Function and Gray Matter Regional Volumes Differ According to Exercise History: Evidence from Monozygotic Twins. Brain Topography, 30 (1), 77-86.
  • Khan, A., Loberg, O. and Hautala, J., 2017. On the Eye Movement Control of Changing Reading Direction for a Single Word: The Case of Reading Numerals in Urdu. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 46 (5), 1273-1283.
  • Hautala, J., Loberg, O., Hietanen, J.K., Nummenmaa, L. and Astikainen, P., 2016. Effects of conversation content on viewing dyadic conversations. Journal of Eye Movement Research.
  • Hautala, J. and Loberg, O., 2015. Breaking down the word length effect on readers’ eye movements. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience, 30 (8), 993-1007.
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