Promoting a positive and cohesive research culture for postgraduate researchers

Authors: Stewart, N., Polkinghorne, M. and Devis-Rozental, C.

Conference: Bournemouth University 12th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference


Research culture, as a substantive influencer in overall student experience for postgraduate researcher (PGRs), requires improvements across the UK Higher Education sector. This is highlighted in consecutive AdvanceHE Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) findings, with over a third of responding PGRs reporting dissatisfaction with their experience of research culture (AdvanceHE 2019). Research culture is the least positively experienced core area across the seven areas measured which also includes, supervision, resources, progress and assessment, responsibilities, research skills and professional development. The aim of this research is to explore ways in which higher education institutions can actively create and influence positive research cultures for their PGRs who are working across a range of disciplines. This poster outlines the research background, objectives research design and anticipated contribution to knowledge.

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