Identifying Factors Influencing Higher Education Research Culture: An Embodied Relational Understanding Approach To PhD Supervision

Authors: Stewart, N., Polkinghorne, M. and Devis-Rozental, C.

Conference: Fusion Learning Conference 2021


As a new PhD student it can be a daunting experience getting started with reviewing the literature, and not being sure what key terms to use in your search strategy. This is especially true if this is a new field to you as the researcher. One approach to taking this first step is gaining a broader understanding on the field being researched. In this example, the PGR and Supervisory team worked together to enter words and phrases representing what a ‘positive research culture’ meant to them (this being the research topic), with the data being collected in Mentimeter to create a word cloud, and the results being analysed using the Recursive Abstraction method from which clear themes were identified.

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