Local Perspectives on Young Albanian Serious Organised Crime (SOC) Risks (Results of Focus Group Discussions)

Authors: Schwandner-Sievers, S., Berry, M., Sheppard, N. and Thartori, K.

Pages: 0-96

Publisher: Centre for Seldom Heard Voices

Place of Publication: Bournemouth - Tirana

ISBN: 9781858993362


This report presents findings from a systematic, focus-group based study of local perceptions and knowledge on young Albanians’ risks of, and vulnerability to, Serious Organised Crime (SOC) exploitation as well as on locally available protection and support structures. Apart from aiming to generate better insights about local understandings of risk factors and available recourse to support for young people considered at risk in the local communities, the study aimed to elucidate local experience with, and perceptiveness towards, implementing planned participatory music-based activities as feasible engagement and intervention tools intended to strengthen young people’s resilience against criminal exploitation.


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