Mark Berry

Dr Mark Berry

  • Lecturer In Criminology
  • BGB
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Journal Articles

  • Berry, M., Salinas, M. and Gundur, R.V., 2023. Financial risk management strategies of small to medium illicit drug enterprises: considering low-level money laundering. Trends in Organized Crime.
  • Berry, M., 2019. Book Review: David Calvey, Covert Research: The Art, Politics and Ethics of Undercover Fieldwork. Qualitative Research.
  • Berry, M., 2018. Technology and organised crime in the smart city: an ethnographic study of the illicit drug trade. City, Territory and Architecture.


  • Gundur, R.V., Taodang, D. and Berry, M., 2021. Using Digital Open Source and Crowdsourced Data in Studies of Deviance and Crime. Researching Cybercrimes: Methodologies, Ethics, and Critical Approaches. 145-167.



  • Berry, M., 2023. Music for Futures - Lyrics and Beats Making Workshop: A Manual for Practitioners. Bournemouth University: Centre for Seldom Heard Voices. Bournemouth University & RAYS Albania. Published online.


  • SOUNDS: Understanding and Tackling the Drivers and Enablers of SOC in Albania through music (HipHop) elicitation and cocreation (Home Office, 01 Apr 2021). Completed
  • PhD Scholarship (Dawes Trust, 01 Sep 2014). Completed