Mark Berry

Dr Mark Berry

  • Lecturer In Criminology
  • BGB
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Mark Berry is a lecturer in Criminology who specialises in illicit drug markets, organised crime and youth crime. His PhD was a semi-covert ethnography of active drug dealers in a city in England. His research aims to investigate the nature of illicit drug markets, the crime risk management practices of drug dealers, and possible reasons for their involvement and patterns of activity. Mark is an advocate of ethnographic research in ethically challenging settings with hard-to-reach groups. He has international experience delivering participatory action research interventions with youth at-risk of serious and organised crime. Mark also has a practical knowledge of the criminal justice system having worked in the Youth Offending Team.

Journal Articles

  • Berry, M., 2024. Trying to Make it: The Enterprises, Gangs, and People of the American Drug Trade by R.V. Gundur. Journal of Illicit Economies and Development, 6 (1).
  • Berry, M., Salinas, M. and Gundur, R.V., 2023. Financial risk management strategies of small to medium illicit drug enterprises: considering low-level money laundering. Trends in Organized Crime.
  • Berry, M., 2019. Book Review: David Calvey, Covert Research: The Art, Politics and Ethics of Undercover Fieldwork. Qualitative Research.
  • Berry, M., 2018. Technology and organised crime in the smart city: an ethnographic study of the illicit drug trade. City, Territory and Architecture.


  • Gundur, R.V., Taodang, D. and Berry, M., 2021. Using Digital Open Source and Crowdsourced Data in Studies of Deviance and Crime. Researching Cybercrimes: Methodologies, Ethics, and Critical Approaches. 145-167.



  • Berry, M., 2023. Music for Futures - Lyrics and Beats Making Workshop: A Manual for Practitioners. Bournemouth University: Centre for Seldom Heard Voices. Bournemouth University & RAYS Albania. Published online.


  • SOUNDS: Understanding and Tackling the Drivers and Enablers of SOC in Albania through music (HipHop) elicitation and cocreation (Home Office, 01 Apr 2021). Completed
  • PhD Scholarship (Dawes Trust, 01 Sep 2014). Completed