Creating Soundscapes: Report on piloting the ‘FAM-Strategy’ in a Participatory Action Research Workshop Fostering Creative Thinking and Non-Verbal Storytelling with Young People at Risk of Criminal Exploitation in Shkodër, Albania, Sept 2022

Authors: Schwandner-Sievers, S., Amelidis, P. and Sheppard, N.

Pages: 0-84

Publisher: Centre for Seldom Heard Voices

Place of Publication: Bournemouth - Tirana

ISBN: 978-1-85899-338-6


This evaluation report presents the conceptual design and learning from a Creating Soundscapes workshop, also called Soundscape Composition workshop, conducted with young people in the city of Shkodër in September 2022. It discusses this intervention’s efficiency, suitability, and limitations in supporting both social and individual, transformative change in contributing to RAYS’ overarching aim of diverting young Albanians considered at risk of criminal exploitation away from such risks. This workshop was part of Bournemouth University led participatory action research (PAR) and served as one of the team’s two proof-of-concept case studies in applying the so-called FAMStrategy for epistemological guidance (Schwandner-Sievers and Fisher 2023b). The evaluation therefore includes methodological reflections and the learning from this application. The Soundscape Composition activity was specifically aimed at exploring the potential of music – here through honing ‘active listening’ and non-verbal, ‘acousmatic storytelling’ skills (Amelidis 2016), in strengthening resilience against criminal exploitation risks.

Source: Manual