Animation Curriculum Development for 'TwoFour54' and Turner Time Warner

Authors: Efstathiou, S., Harper, S. and Vince, J.

Publisher: Twofour54

Place of Publication: Abu Dhabi


The program will be designed for university or college graduates. It will be focused on industry practices and vocational skills. It will be one year in duration comprising of three terms each being 12 - 13 weeks each. The best students will be selected for industry internships with Turner and other industry partners on graduation. The program will be primarily 2D Animation with three core areas covered: storytelling and character development, storyboarding, and technical skills. The program will be staffed by two full-time faculty plus supplemented with guest lectures and master classes.

The vision is to create a one of a kind training Animation Academy to develop animation skills in the region. Build upon the existing TwoFour54 Tadreeb's programs. Develop both talent and original IP in the region. Hands on training complemented by master classes taught by experienced Cartoon Network staff as well as highly regarded industry experts. Create a synergy between Cartoon Network Channel, The Academy and a development studio. Utilise the Channel as a platform to showcase talent from The Academy

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Sofronis Efstathiou and Stephen Harper