Marcella Favale

Dr Marcella Favale

  • 01202 968003
  • mfavale at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Research Fellow - Law
  • Executive Business Centre EB401, Bournemouth University, 89 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EB
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I am a qualified lawyer in Italy and France, and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management (CIPPM) of the University of Bournemouth, and at the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy (CREATe).

My research interests are focussed on Intellectual Property and New Technologies. I have published the findings of my research for example on the European Law Review, on the Journal of Intellectual Property Law, on the European Intellectual Property Review, and on the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law.

I have also carried out studies commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the UK Special Advisory Board on Intellectual Property (SABIP), and the European Commission.

My core research is on digital right management, copyright exceptions, digital copyright, Orphan Works, and European copyright policies and governance (from a legal angle). I dream of approaching these issues both from a legal and technological perspective, because I am convinced that this is the only effective way to build rigorous evidence on this peculiar topic.


My background is in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies. After a PhD on Digital Rights Managements (DRM) and Copyright Exceptions, I have carried out some extremely interesting research on patents and biotechnologies (ethics and patentability of human biologic material). At the same time I have built an extensive publication record (four papers, one case comment) on DRM and copyright in the digital environment. Meanwhile, I have carried out several works on European and international policy on Intellectual Property, on commission of a number of public institutions (SABIP, IPO, the European Commission).

My research plans involve merging legal and technological techniques to find a balanced solution for the much-debated issue of DRM, with a view of applying this interdisciplinary methodology to all different platforms on which DRM is implemented (CDs, DVDs, videogames, the internet, the cloud, biometrics and technologies yet to be devised).

Current works in progress:

‘Is there a EU Copyright jurisprudence?: an empirical analysis of the ECJ case-law’

Forthcoming as CREATe Working Paper (

This paper uses content analysis techniques to explore whether a clear pattern can be identified in the creation of copyright jurisprudence by the European Court of Justice.

‘A Wii too stretched? The ECJ extends to game consoles the protection of DRM- on tough conditions’

Forthcoming, Eipr

This paper comments the case C-355/12 – Nintendo v. PC Box. It questions the extension of the protection of TPMs implemented on gaming consoles;...


Journal Articles

  • Favale, M.F., 2011. Approximation and DRM: can digital locks respect copyright exceptions? International Journal of Law and Information Technology, 19 (4), 306-323.
  • Favale, M., 2011. Copyright and Contract Law: Regulating User Contracts: the state of the art and a research agenda. Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, 18 (1), 67-140.
  • Favale, M.F., 2008. Fine-tuning European copyright law to strike a balance between the rights of owners and users. European Law Review, 687-708.
  • Favale, M.F., 2006. Digital Copyright. EUROPEAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REVIEW, 28 (12), 632.


  • Favale, M., McDonald, N., Faily, S. and Gatzidis, C., 2015. Human Aspects in Digital Rights Management: The Perspective of Content Developers​. In: Fourth International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and IP Law 9 December-9 November 2015 Braga, Portugal.
  • Favale, M. and Borghi, M.B., 2013. Approximation of IP Rights within and beyond Europe. In: SEARCH PROJECT (VII FP, EU) – Final Academic Meeting 10-11 February 2014 Barcelona, Spain.
  • Favale, M., 2009. Fundamental Disjunctions in the European Normative Order on Human Tissue and Cells (presented by A Plomer). In: Biotechnology, European Law and Citizens workshop 13 April 2008 Belfast, Ireland.
  • Favale, M., 2008. The Role of Technology in the Balance of Fundamental Rights in Copyright’, Manchester Metropolitan University. In: Second Workshop on Law and Economics of Intellectual Property 27-28 July 2006 Manchester.



  • Projects to Inform Hargreaves Review Implementation – Orphan Works (Intellectual Property Office, 01 Apr 2012). Completed
  • Making sense of DRM in game development (Madrigal) (Bournemouth University - Fusion Investment Fund, 01 Feb 2015). Completed

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Public Event: M. Favale (With M. Kretschmer and Fabian Homberg) 'Copyright, and the Regulation of Orphan Works”, Orphans & Images, 2nd July 2013 at the Law Society, London.


  • Master of Arts in Law (University of Parma (Italy), 2003)
  • PhD in Law (2007)


  • Italian Lawyers Bar, Member (2007-),
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