Abby Laishley

Abby Laishley

  • alaishley at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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I came to Bournemouth University in 2012 as a postgraduate researcher in the Department of Psychology. My research interests in the field of cognitive psychology primarily revolve around understanding language development and reading.

Our eye movements have been described as a "window to the mind", a key indicator of moment-to-moment cognitive processes. Eye movement recording can be used in a wide range of investigations. I use brand new mobile eye tracking with children in classroom tasks to study how children read, remember and write language in the classroom.

Journal Articles


Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Bournemouth University Active Vision Workshop (June 2016) (19 Jul 2016-20 Jul 2016)

Conference Presentations

  • 17th European Conference on Eye Movements, The effect of high- and low-frequency previews and sentential fit on word skipping, 11 Aug 2013, Lund, Sweden