Clare Dean

Clare Dean

  • cdean at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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I am interested in understanding how organisms are influenced by human mediated environmental change.

Currently, I am undertaking research for a doctoral thesis titled `Ecology, impacts and control of Crassula helmsii'. C. helmsii (New Zealand pygmyweed) is a semi-aquatic plant which has invaded wetland habitats across the UK. My research is designed to determine the range of invasible habitat, as well as to assess the potential for this species to alter ecosystems through competition and alterations to nutrient cycling.

Previous research contributions include an investigation of bumblebee foraging behaviour in response to mass flowering crops (Hanley et al. 2011).

Hanley, M.E. Franco, M. Dean, C.E. Franklin, E.L. Harris, H.R. Haynes, A.G. Rapson, S.R. Rowse, G. Thomas, K.C. Waterhouse, B.R. 2011. Increased bumblebee abundance along the margins of a mass flowering crop: evidence of pollinator spill-over. Oikos. 120. 1618-1624.

Journal Articles

  • Dean, C.E., Day, J., Gozlan, R.E. and Diaz, A., 2015. Grazing Vertebrates Promote Invasive Swamp Stonecrop (Crassula helmsii) Abundance. Invasive Plant Science and Management, 8 (2), 131-138.
  • Dean, C., Day, J., Gozlan, R.E., Green, I., Yates, B. and Diaz, A., 2013. Estimating the minimum salinity level for the control of New Zealand pygmyweed Crassula helmsii in brackish water habitats. Conservation Evidence, 10, 89-92.