Social constructions of value: marketing considerations for the context of events and festival participation

Authors: Rihova, I., Buhalis, D., Moital, M. and Gouthro, M.

Editors: Moufakkir, O. and Pernecky, T.

Publisher: CABI


This chapter reflects on different perspectives on value and their application to the study and marketing of events and festivals. Historically, the presence of customer value has been captured in service literature as judgement perception of various benefits customers attribute to a marketer’s offering, with more recent perspectives conceptualising ‘co-created’ value in experience. Events and festival marketing has adopted both perspectives. At the same time, however, it has not recognised the potential value of event and festival visitors spending time cooking with their families, dressing up, jamming together and engaging in various other routine practices. The chapter advocates a shift from more traditional value perspectives to a holistic representation of socially constructed value in practice. This is argued to permit deeper insights into the appeal of events and festival visitation, as well as into the wider significance of the social aspects of events and festivals visitation.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Miguel Moital, Dimitrios Buhalis, Mary Beth Gouthro and Ivana Rihova