Accumulation of Potentially Toxic Elements in Agricultural Soils

Authors: Green, I., Ginige, T., Demir, M. and Van Calster, P.

Editors: Pozzo, B. and Jacometti, V.

Publisher: Intersentia, Cambridge


Soil health is threatened by many processes associated with intensive agriculture. This study highlights the inadequacies of the current direct and indirect legal instruments to protect soils from one of these threats: the accumulation of potentially toxic elements (PTES). Organic fertilisers are key sources of PTEs and the findings of this study suggest that their current poorly controlled use could damage soil fertility within a time scale measured in decades. This serves as an example of the ineffectiveness of the current legislation to protect soils. If we are to preserve the fragile balance between the human need to exploit our natural capital and maintain the delicate soil ecosystems, it is crucial to adopt a synergetic approach through the application of ecosystem services to halt the deterioration of our Earth.

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