Tilak Ginige

Tilak Ginige

  • Senior Lecturer Environmental Law
  • Christchurch House C140, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Tilak Ginige is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law at Bournemouth University’s Faculty of Science & Technology. His research interests include Renewable Energy, Mining Waste, Water Framework Directive, Environmental Liability and Sustainable Development Law. He is a member of the Nordic Environmental Law, Governance and Science Network, the European Environmental Law Forum and the UK Environmental Law Association and he is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. His research into the Aznalcóllar Tailings Pond Failure in Andalucía, Spain in 2002 was instrumental in the creation of the Directive 2006/21/EC on the Management of Waste From the Extractive Industries (the Mining Waste Directive). The multidisciplinary article he co-authored with Ann Thornton and Frazer Ball (Ginige, T.A., Thornton, A. and Ball, F. (2011) ‘The Severn tidal barrage project: a legal paradox?’, Journal of Water Law, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp.66–77) was cited in the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee, 2013...



Journal Articles



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  • Ginige, T.A., 2017. High Speed Two (HS2) Railway Project: Off the rails or on the right track? In: Fourth European Environmental Law Forum Conference, in Wroclaw, Poland 14 Sep 2016 -17 Sep 2016. Faculty of Law of Wrocław University in co-operation with Environmental Law Centre, Wrocław, the law firm Jendrośka Jerzmański Bar & Partners Environmental Lawyers and the Faculty of Law of the Opole University. 17 Sept 2016 14-17 September 2016 Wroclaw, Poland.
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Profile of Teaching PG

  • International Law of the Environment

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  • Environmental Law; Advanced Environmental Law; Forensic Law & Practice; Forensic Practice
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