The Unhealed Wound: Official and Unofficial Journalisms, Misinformation and Tribal Truth

Authors: Majin, G.

Pages: 233-247

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031119767


This chapter argues that different journalisms emerge at different times to serve the ideology of the age. Contemporary journalism (Official Journalism) is largely the product of the Boomer generation, its values and ideals. Hence the early twenty-first century is a period of flux due to demographic change as the Boomers fade from the scene. Drawing on generational cohort theory, this chapter describes how, as the Boomer Ideology is challenged by disruptive, new forces, we witness the rise of a new journalism (Unofficial Journalism). The war between them signals a wider epistemic struggle to define the nature of reality, truth and misinformation.

Source: Manual

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