Beads-on-String Model for Virtual Rectum Surgery Simulation

Authors: Chang, J., Yang, X., Pan, J., Li, W. and Zhang, J.J.

Conference: 3D Anatomic Human Summer School 2010

Dates: 23-24 May 2010


A beads-on-string model is proposed to handle the deformation and collision of the rectum in virtual surgery simulation. The idea is firstly inspired by the observation of the similarity in shape shared by a rectum with regular bulges and a string of beads. It is beneficial to introduce an additional layer of beads, which provides an interface to map the deformation of centreline to the associated mesh in an elegant manner and a bounding volume approximation in collision handling. Our approach is carefully crafted to achieve high computational efficiency and retain its physical basis. It can be implemented for real time surgery simulation application.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Jian Chang, Jian Jun Zhang, Xiaosong Yang and Wenxi Li

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