Putting patients at the heart of nursing care: an exploratory study of student values entering pre-registration nursing in one UK University.

Authors: Rosser, E., Hemingway, A., Harding, A., Cooper, K., Donaldson, I., Heaslip, V., Jack, E., Phillips, J., Scammell, J. and White, S.

Conference: Inaugural Phi Mu Chapter conference

Dates: 20-21 June 2013

Journal: 20.6.13


Background: Recent reports of abuse in nursing care, coupled with an intense scrutiny of higher education programmes preparing students for Registration has increased the need to embed a values based curriculum to support nursing students to put their patients at the centre of their practice. Additionally, it has become socially and politically important to assess the impact of different educational programmes. Whilst there is an abundance of papers on the development of caring, little has been done to investigate the values students possess on entry to nursing programmes and how these values are shaped by the education process, particularly by an innovative curriculum based on a humanised philosophy.

Aim/purpose: This study is the first part of a longtitudinal study exploring the impact of an education curriculum on new nursing recruits’ personal beliefs about the core values of nursing.

Methods: This qualitative study employs individual interviews with a cohort of adult nursing students (n=20) to explore their beliefs about the core values of nursing as they commence their pre-qualifying programme. Data will be collected in February 2013, transcribed verbatim, analysed thematically before reporting at this conference. Ethics approval has been granted and students have been formally prepared. Findings: It is anticipated their beliefs will be wide and varied and be influenced by a range of factors depending on their life experiences. The study will follow up the students at significant points throughout their programme and compare their beliefs and values with students on a subsequent new curriculum based on a humanised philosophy.

Conclusion: It is anticipated the findings will be of interest to those involved in delivering nurse education and local stakeholders as they strive to positively influence the development of values that will ensure that patients are at the heart of care.

Source: Manual

Preferred by: Ian Donaldson, Janet Scammell, Jill Phillips, Sara White, Ann Hemingway, Eleanor Jack, Vanessa Heaslip, Karen Cooper and Andrew Harding

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