Academic Advising For Success: The Role of the Academic Adviser on a pre-registration nursing programme

Authors: White, S., stainer, L., Cooper, K. and Waight, S.

Conference: UK Advising and Tutorial conference 2017

Dates: 5-6 April 2017


FHSS has developed the complex role of Academic Advisor (AA), with the expectation that, at the point of qualification student nurses are professional and compassionate. Therefore the AA role is vital to help students become resilient, employable and at the point of graduation ready to enter the Professional Register. FHSS has a diverse range of students, and the AA uses a student centred and humanistic philosophic approach to support students in their academic, professional and personal development. This presentation will cover a range of pedagogical approaches which support the development of resilience and compassion and which are applicable to other students. Consequently this presentation links to the strategic direction of the faculty relating to widening participation, outreach, preparing students to enter the registered workforce, and enriching student experience. It also meets several TEF requirements such as ‘ …. initiatives aimed at supporting the transition into and through a higher education course.‘; ‘… effectiveness of schemes focused on monitoring and maximising students’ engagement with their studies’ and ‘……. initiatives aimed at supporting students’ development, progression and achievement’.

Source: Manual