Engagement of people with dementia in care homes with digital technologies: A mixed methods study

Authors: Heward, M., Murphy, J. and Fenge, L.-A.

Conference: Dementia Congress

Dates: 7-8 November 2023


impact on residents. In response, many care homes embraced technology to maintain resident contact with family. The aim of this study was to explore how digital technologies are used to support the engagement of people with dementia in care homes. This is part of a wider project, focusing on digital innovation in care homes, developing a national network of interested parties to identify and take forwards research priorities. In this paper we discuss findings on use and effectiveness of digital technologies in care homes with residents with dementia. Adoption of digital technologies in care homes is an important step in transforming future care delivery. As the number of care home residents living with dementia continues to rise, it is crucial to understanding the barriers and enablers for effective use of digital technologies.

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