Fiona Cownie

Dr Fiona Cownie

  • 01202 965104
  • fjcownie at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Associate Professor
  • Weymouth House W420, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Dr Fiona Cownie’s research interests lie within the areas of student experience and a relational approach to higher education. An experienced manager and teacher, Fiona has led the student experience across the faculty, and has provided leadership within roles including Associate Dean - Media Production, Head of Quality, Head of Programmes.

Fiona seeks to live the values of the university by inspiring her students through pedagogic experiences which prioritise collaboration, support, conceptual thinking and enjoyability. Her teaching is at final year undergraduate and master’s level in the areas of Relationship Marketing and Word-of-mouth Communication. Student feedback is consistently very positive, with students valuing Fiona’s enthusiasm, engagement, conceptual focus and support. Fiona’s research examines relational concepts of commitment and gratitude and she seeks to engage in pedagogic practice which draws on these ideas to the benefit of students’ learning experience. Her doctoral supervision again often examines issues within the context of higher education...



Academy of Marketing (2014) Conference paper reviewer, Marketing in Higher Education.

Academy of Marketing (2015) Conference paper reviewer, Marketing in Higher Education.

Cross-cultural Communication Conference, Bangkok, Thailand, (2016). Conference paper reviewer.

Journal of Media Practice, reviewer

Journal Articles


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Scholarly Editions

  • Hogben, J. et al.. Current thinking by Bournemouth Relationship Marketers. A Co-created Student Reader..
  • Burt, D. et al.. Relationship Marketing Reader.

PhD Students

  • Giles Milner. Application of learning theories in management work-based learning practice Ed D part-time.
  • Monsak Chaiveeradech. A study of bridging digital media literacy concept in Thai context of mindfulness, a case study of Thai online consumers’ perceived risk of social networking sites. PhD, full time
  • Shenel Mc Lawrence, 2018. The role of rapport in high net work individual client relationships within a service context.
  • Rehnuma Ali-Choudhury. Modelling the University Brand: Theoretical Development and Empirical Application
  • Jacqui Speculund. Can first year students become self-determined learners? Trialling an entrepreneurial learning module.
  • Helen O'Sullivan. HEI Brand Success.
  • Richard (Thomas) Berry

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Exploring word-of-mouth communication

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Relationship Marketing

Invited Lectures

  • Bringing a relationship marketing perspective to h, University of Portsmouth, 18 Nov 2015 more
  • Understanding co-creation, FTU, Hanoi, Vietnam, 07 May 2018 more

External Responsibilities

  • University of South Wales, External examiner (2016-)
  • University of Portsmouth, External examiner (2016-)
  • University of South Wales, Postgraduate Award Board Examiner (2016-2017)
  • University of South Wales, External examiner (2015-)
  • University of Portsmouth, external examiner (2000-2005)
  • Anglia Polytechnic University, external examiner (1996-)
  • University of Hertfordshire, external examiner (1994-1998)
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing, Senior Examiner Promotional Practice (1992-2000)

Internal Responsibilities

  • member, Education and Student Experience Committee
  • member of executive in varying capacities: Head of programmes; Head of Quality; Head of Academic Group; Head of Student Experience, School executive
  • member, Student Voice Committee
  • Chair 2000-2003; member 2003 onwards, School Quality Committee/School Academic Standards Committee
  • member in capacity of Head of Student Experience, Media School., Education and Student Experience Committee
  • Chair, Student Experience Forum Media School
  • Independent member, HSC Academic Standards Committee
  • Chair, Academic Offences Panel (Media School/FMC)
  • member, as Head of Student Experience, NSS working group
  • member, International Task Force
  • Member, representing Media School/FMC, BUCAT
  • Member, representing Media School/FMC, Fair Access Committee
  • member, Fair Access student retention and success working group
  • Member, representing Media School/FMC, Technology Enhanced Learning Group
  • member, Quality and Enhancement Group
  • member, Releasing Potential Committee
  • member, Change Management Committee
  • independent member, Internal audit team
  • Member, representing Media School/FMC, Student Voice Committee
  • member, representing Media School, Academic Standards Committee
  • Member, Review of Enterprise Group
  • member, SURE organising committee
  • member, British Conference of Undergraduate Research Conference organising committee
  • Member, representing Faculty of Media and Communication, International Commencement Ceremony Working Group

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Student Experiences Research Network, convened workshop on Alumni Engagement to an international audience. I also presented 'Do alumni want to give back to their university?'
  • Application of VR and AR in PR, communication and advertising
  • The golden age for content creators and trends not to be missed
  • Thank-you for coming to this session: Why gratitude matters: the power and challenges of saying ‘thank-you’. A workshop delivered by Fiona Cownie (BU) and Kate Bond (Royal Bournemouth Hospital)
  • Talking word-of-mouth communication. A BU workshop: Hanoi, June 2016.
  • I supported the university's summer school activities, generating workshop leaders for activity and delivering workshop on word of mouth communication

Attended Training

  • Bright space training, 31 Jan 2018
  • Research Impact and the Research Assessment Framework, 29 Jan 2018
  • British Academy Bid Writing Workshop, 03 Apr 2017
  • Introduction to British Academy, 08 Mar 2017
  • Introduction to MSCA Fellowships, 02 Feb 2017
  • Coaching masterclass., 31 Jan 2017
  • Research Bid Writing Workshop, 07 Apr 2016
  • N vivo workshop (day one), 06 Apr 2016
  • Statistics Refresher Workshop, 05 Apr 2016
  • Writing workshop, 24 Jun 2015
  • Supervisors' training, 10 Feb 2015


  • MA in Marketing (University of Portsmouth, 1998)
  • BA (Hons) in Human Geography (University of Reading, 1983)


  • Senior Fellowship of HEA (HEA, 2014)


  • HEA, Senior Fellow (2014-),
  • Society for the research into higher education (SRHE), Member (2015-),
  • Women's Academic Network, Member,
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