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Jane Holroyd

  • holroydj at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Journal Articles

  • Holroyd, J., 2015. Implicit bias, awareness and imperfect cognitions. Consciousness and Cognition, 33, 511-523.
  • Keen, S., Brown, K., Holroyd, J. and Rosenorn-Lanng, E., 2014. Evaluating the impact of the IPOP (improving personal and organisational performance) programme:An introductory leadership and management development module for social work managers. Social Work and Social Sciences Review, 17 (1), 64-82.
  • Holroyd, J., 2009. Relational autonomy and paternalistic interventions. Res Publica, 15 (4), 321-336.
  • Holroyd, J., 2003. The science of meditation and the state of hypnosis. Am J Clin Hypn, 46 (2), 109-128.