Modelling deformations in car crash animation

Authors: Chang, J., Zhang, J.J. and Zia, R.

Journal: Visual Computer

Volume: 25

Issue: 12

Pages: 1063-1072

ISSN: 0178-2789

DOI: 10.1007/s00371-009-0386-5


In this paper, we present a prototype of a deformation engine to efficiently model and render the damaged structure of vehicles in crash scenarios.We introduce a novel system architecture to accelerate the computation, which is traditionally an extremely expensive task. We alter a rigid body simulator to predict trajectories of cars during a collision and formulate a correction procedure to estimate the deformations of the collapsed car structures within the contact area. Non-linear deformations are solved based on the principle of energy conservation. Large plastic deformations resulting from collisions are modelled as a weighted combination of deformation examples of beams which can be produced using classical mechanics. © Springer-Verlag 2009.

Source: Scopus

Preferred by: Jian Chang, Jian Jun Zhang and Rehan Zia