Smartphone Augmented Reality Applications for Tourism

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Authors: Yovcheva, Z., Buhalis, D. and Gatzidis, C.

Journal: e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR)

Volume: 10

Pages: 63-66

ISSN: 1941-5842

Invisible, attentive and adaptive technologies that provide tourists with relevant services and information anytime and anywhere may no longer be a vision from the future. The new display paradigm, stemming from the synergy of new mobile devices, context-awareness and AR, has the potential to enhance tourists’ experiences and make them exceptional. However, effective and usable design is still in its infancy. In this publication we present an overview of current smartphone AR applications outlining tourism-related domain-specific design challenges. This study is part of an ongoing research project aiming at developing a better understanding of the design space for smartphone context-aware AR applications for tourists.

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