Multimodality with Eye tracking and Haptics: A New Horizon for Serious Games?

Authors: Deng, S., Kirkby, J., Chang, J. and Zhang, J.

Journal: International Journal of Serious Games

Volume: 1

Issue: 4

Pages: 17-34

ISSN: 2384-8766

DOI: 10.17083/ijsg.v1i4.24


The goal of this review is to illustrate the emerging use of multimodal virtual reality that can benefit learning-based games. The review begins with an introduction to multimodal virtual reality in serious games and we provide a brief discussion of why cognitive processes involved in learning and training are enhanced under immersive virtual environments. We initially outline studies that have used eye tracking and haptic feedback independently in serious games, and then review some innovative applications that have already combined eye tracking and haptic devices in order to provide applicable multimodal frameworks for learning-based games. Finally, some general conclusions are identified and clarified in order to advance current understanding in multimodal serious game production as well as exploring possible areas for new applications.

Source: Manual

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