The importance of incorporating technological advancements into the prosthetic eye development: a perspective commentary

Authors: Chinnery, Thompson, S.B.N., Noroozi, S., Dyer, B. and Rees, K.

Journal: Insights in Ophthalmology

Volume: 1

Issue: 1(2)

Pages: 1-4


Application of technology into healthcare has typically been targeted to high demand illnesses and treatments. However, with an increasing need to meet patient’s expectations combined with increased accessibility and reduced costs, smaller healthcare fields are starting to investigate its function and usability. Services have historically been led by skills and expertise, and recent developments are being seen by ocularists in the field of prosthetic eyes who acknowledge the potential benefit from technological advancement. Utilising the technologies recently investigated in maxillofacial prosthesis can start the evolutionary process where products are continually re-designed and re-developed to achieve excellent patient outcome and satisfaction levels.

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