Semantic framework for interactive animation generation and its application in virtual shadow play performance

Authors: Liang, H., Deng, S., Chang, J., Zhang, J.J., Chen, C. and Tong, R.

Journal: Virtual Reality

Volume: 22

Issue: 2

Pages: 149-165

eISSN: 1434-9957

ISSN: 1359-4338

DOI: 10.1007/s10055-018-0333-8


Designing and creating complex and interactive animation is still a challenge in the field of virtual reality, which has to handle various aspects of functional requirements (e.g. graphics, physics, AI, multimodal inputs and outputs, and massive data assets management). In this paper, a semantic framework is proposed to model the construction of interactive animation and promote animation assets reuse in a systematic and standardized way. As its ontological implementation, two domain-specific ontologies for the hand-gesture-based interaction and animation data repository have been developed in the context of Chinese traditional shadow play art. Finally, prototype of interactive Chinese shadow play performance system using deep motion sensor device is presented as the usage example.

Source: Scopus