The girl with the chariot medallion: a well-furnished, Late Iron Age Durotrigian burial from Langton Herring, Dorset

Authors: Russell, M., Smith, M., Cheetham, P., Evans, D. and Manley, H.

Journal: The Archaeological Journal

Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

ISSN: 0066-5983

DOI: 10.1080/00665983.2019.1573551

A well-furnished, Late Iron Age Durotrigian burial was found in 2010 by a metal-detectorist at Langton Herring in Dorset. This report examines all aspects of the discovery, paying particular attention to the skeletal remains, a female aged 19–24, providing the most complete, osteobiographical study of an individual buried with a mirror assemblage from the European Iron Age. A combination of artefacts and radiocarbon dating gives a range for the burial of c.

AD 25 – cal AD 53. The grave goods themselves are of exceptional interest, representing an accumulation of artefacts acquired from diverse sources, deposited at a time of major cultural and societal change in southern Britain. The results of a geophysical survey are also presented, together with a discussion of additional wellfurnished burials in the Durotrigian tribal tradition, which place the burial deposit within a wider social and landscape framework.

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