Effectiveness and usability of digital tools to support dietary self-management of gestational diabetes mellitus: A systematic review

Authors: Adesina, N., Dogan, H., Green, S. and Tsofliou, F.

Journal: Nutrients

Volume: 14

Issue: 1

eISSN: 2072-6643

DOI: 10.3390/nu14010010


Advice on dietary intake is an essential first line intervention for the management of ges-tational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Digital tools such as web-based and smartphone apps have been suggested to provide a novel way of providing information on diet for optimal glucose regulation in women with GDM. This systematic review explores the effectiveness and usability of digital tools designed to support dietary self-management of GDM. A systematic search of Medline, Embase,Cu-mulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Cochrane Library, and Scopus using key search terms identified 1476 papers reporting research studies, of which 16 met the spec-ified inclusion criteria. The quality of the included studies was assessed using the ErasmusAGE Quality Score or the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool (MMAT) version 2018. The findings show that the adoption of digital tools may be an effective approach to support self-management relating to healthy diet, health behaviour, and adherence to therapy in women with GDM as a usable inter-vention. However, there is a lack of evidence concerning the effectiveness of tools to support the dietary management of GDM. Consideration for ethnic specific dietary advice and evidence-based frameworks in the development of effective digital tools for dietary management of GDM should be considered as these aspects have been limited in the studies reviewed.


Source: Scopus