Impact of Covid-19 on journalism in Sierra Leone

Authors: Sreedharan, C., Thorsen, E., Miles, L., Matthews, J., Sunderland, M. and Baker-Beall, C.

Publisher: Sierra Leone Association of Journalists

Place of Publication: Freetown

ISBN: 9789991062013


This rapid response report presents findings from a national survey undertaken to ascertain the impact of Covid-19 on Sierra Leone journalists.

Sierra Leone was among the nations that took swift action, declaring a 12-month state of national emergency in response to the pandemic. But this came, as an International Growth Centre study 1 shows, at a high economic price. It must also be noted that the pandemic comes at a time when the nation is still grappling with the aftermath of the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak and other, more localised disaster events.

As such, Sierra Leone faces additional economic, cultural, and social pressures because of Covid-19. A year into the global pandemic, this report outlines how national and regional journalists, and news organisations in Sierra Leone responded to Covid-19, and identifies their training and capacity-building requirements to strengthen future disaster resilience.

Source: Manual