Christopher Baker-Beall

Dr Christopher Baker-Beall

  • Senior Lecturer In Crisis and Disaster Management
  • DH236c,
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Chris joined the Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre on the 4th March 2019 as Senior Lecturer in Crisis and Disaster Management. Chris is an International Relations and European Studies scholar. Chris was awarded an MA in International Relations from Nottingham Trent University in 2006 and gained his PhD from Loughborough University in 2011.

Chris has worked for various universities in the UK higher education sector during his career including Loughborough University, the University of Leicester, the University of Birmingham and Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Chris has taught many different subject areas in the broad fields of Politics, International Relations and European Studies. Chris also has extensive experience of developing and running online distance learning university programmes having previously acted as the Course Leader for the NTU Distance Learning Programme in International Relations.

At Bournemouth University, he is Programme Leader for the Masters (MSc) in Disaster Management which is currently taught both in the UK and in Oman...



Chris’s research interests cover several areas: (1) interpretive approaches to International Relations and Crisis Management; (2) the internal and external security policies of the European Union, including the merging of counter-terrorism with migration and border-control policy; (3) critical approaches to the study of security, with a particular focus on counter-radicalisation and the crisis management dimensions of counter-terrorism policy. His research focuses on the following areas:

· The European Union’s Counter-Terrorism Response

· The Merging of Migration/Border Control and Security Policy

· Radicalisation and Counter-Radicalisation

· The Merging of Counter-Terrorism and Crisis Management

· Critical Studies on Terrorism / Discourse Analysis

Chris is currently working on several articles for publication. First, a project on the relationship between counter-terrorism and migration control policy at the EU level. Second, an analysis of the phenomena of ‘returning foreign fighters’, including a critical analysis of the conceptual parameters of the new term ‘Foreign Terrorist Fighter’. Third, an analysis of the European Union’s response to the ‘Migration Crisis’ from a crisis management perspective. Finally, Chris is working on a paper that explores the blurring of crisis and disaster management with counter-terrorism.

Chris is happy to supervise students in any area of International Relations or Crisis and Disaster Management, especially projects that adopt critical or interpretive approaches to social science research...


Journal Articles



  • Baker-Beall, C., 2018. Is Critical Terrorism Studies a useful approach to the study of terrorism? Yes - the necessity of a critical approach. In: Jackson, R. and Pisoui, D., eds. Contemporary Debates on Terrorism.. Routledge, 28-32.
  • Baker-Beall, C. and Ginty, R.M., 2018. Is Critical Terrorism Studies a useful approach to the study of terrorism? Contemporary Debates on Terrorism, 2nd Edition. 28-40.
  • Baker-Beall, C., 2013. Writing the threat of terrorism in Western Europe and the European Union: An interpretive analysis. Interpreting Global Security. 142-159.


  • Bang, H., Baker-Beall, C., Miles, L. and Balgah, R., 2022. The political dynamics of disaster management research in Cameroon: Evidence from the ELIED-project. In: 13th Dealing with Disasters Conference 9-10 June 2022 Northumbria University.
  • Heath-Kelly, C., Baker-Beall, C. and Jarvis, L., 2015. Counter-Radicalisation Critical perspectives Introduction. COUNTER-RADICALISATION: CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES, 1-13.


PhD Students

  • Gareth Mott, 2018. The Hands behind the Keyboard’: A Critical Reflection of Imagery and the Securitisation of Cyberterrorism in the UK
  • Katerina Krulisova, 2016. A Discourse Analysis of The Portrayal of Female Protagonists of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict

Profile of Teaching PG

  • PG Crisis and Disaster Management
  • CPD2 - Management of Technological, Social and Intentional Disasters
  • CPD8 - Foreign Policy Analysis and Crisis Management
  • CPD10 - MSc Disaster Management Dissertation Unit

Conference Presentations

  • EISA Annual Conference, 13th-Pan European Conference on International Relations., The Concept of the (Returning) Foreign Terrorist Fighter: A New Category of Terrorist?, 11 Sep 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • EISA Annual Conference, 13th-Pan European Conference on International Relations., The European Union’s response to the ‘Migrant Crisis’ and the Crisis Management Response: A Case of Normative Retrenchment?, 11 Sep 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • EISA Annual Conference, 12th Pan- European Conference on International Relations., Parody and the logic of counter-radicalisation: The radicalisation of Tony Blair., 12 Sep 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
  • GLOBUS Project, Between Rights and Fears: Exploring the Migration-Terrorism Nexus from a Justice Perspective., EU Counter-Terrorism: The threat of the ‘returning foreign fighter’ and the securitization of migration, travel and border control., 03 Jun 2018, Bertinoro Conference Centre.