Tuba Aydin

Tuba Aydin

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She completed BSc in Psychology and MSc in Neuroscience. She then won a scholarship named Study Abroad Program of the Turkish Ministry of National Education that is designed to sponsor Turkish students for post-graduate studies abroad. And she is currently continuing PhD within the scope of this scholarship.


She has an interdisciplinary background in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Histology and Embryology.She was interested in marriage satisfaction and life satisfaction of patients with neurological disorder, especially Multiple Sclerosis. She is currently doing a PhD in Psychology Department and investigates the trait-level inattention and its relationship to technology addictions and whether any observed relationship is mediated by executive function impairments by using different techniques such as eye-tracking, and EEG.

Journal Articles

  • Aydin, T., Parris, B.A., Arabaci, G., Kilintari, M. and Taylor, J., 2024. Trait-level non-clinical ADHD symptoms in a community sample and their association with technology addictions. Current Psychology, 43 (12), 10682-10692.
  • Aydın, T. and Onger, M.E., 2022. Depression, sexual dysfunction, life satisfaction and marriage satisfaction in women with multiple sclerosis. Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, 58 (1).
  • Aydin, T., Onger, M.E. and Terzi, M., 2021. Marriage and life satisfactions with sexual dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis. Medicine Science International Medical Journal, 10 (3), 976-981.
  • Aydin, T. and Onger, M.E., 2020. Neurological Disease and Marriage. Sakarya Medical Journal, 10 (4), 705-710.



  • Aydin, T., Yankouskaya, A. and Hills, P., 2022. Investigation of social media platform preferences depending on who they contacted. In: The 14th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference 30 November 2022 Bournemouth University.
  • Aydin, T. and Onger, M.E., 2022. Investigation of marriage and life satisfaction of multiple sclerosis patients in terms of demographic variables. In: 9th MindBrainBody Symposium 2022 16-18 March 2022 Online.


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