Ala Yankouskaya

Dr Ala Yankouskaya

  • Senior Lecturer In Psychology
  • Poole House P119, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Having a medical background, I completed my second PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience at Birmingham University (School of Psychology) in 2012. Prior to coming to Bournemouth, I held post doc and senior post doc positions at The Centre of Cognitive Neuropsychology at Oxford University and lectureship position at Liverpool Hope University.

My research interest lies in social cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging. I investigate the cognitive and brain mechanisms of human perception and attention. A major focus of my current research is how social factors modulate perceptual decision making and integrative processes in the brain. I am interested in the computational and neural basis of these processes, their reliability, and their uses in guiding social behaviour.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: fMRI, Neuropsychology, Face Perception, Facial expression, Self Representation, Uniltimodal Interaction, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Functional Connectivity

Journal Articles

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Internet Publications

  • Panourgia, K., Ventouris, A., Wezyk, A., Yankouskaya, A., Comoretto, A. and Taylor, Z., 2020. COVID-19: Vicarious traumatisation and resilience in Mental Health Psychology Practitioners. New Vistas.
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