Tom Cousins

Tom Cousins

  • Diving and Maritime Archaeology Officer
  • CG23,
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Journal Articles

  • Knight, K.Y., Cousins, T.A. and Parham, D., 2019. A comparison of biodegradation caused by Teredinidae (Mollusca:Bivalvia), Limnoriidae (Crustacea:Isopoda), and C. terebans (Crustacea:Amphipoda) across 4 shipwreck sites in the English Channel. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 23, 854-867.


  • Parham, D., Needham, S. and Frieman, C.J., 2013. Claimed by the Sea; Salcombe, Langdon Bay and other Marine Finds of the Bronze Age. Council for British Archaeology Research Reports Series.


  • Anderson, E.F. and Cousins, T., 2022. Blending WW2 History with the Present in an Interactive Virtual Heritage Experience. In: IKUWA7: 7th Congress for Underwater Archaeology 6-9 June 2022 Helsinki, Finland.
  • Cousins, T., Harrison, T. and Parham, D., 2020. The Maritime Archaeology of Duplex Drive Tanks in the United Kingdom. In: Rodrigues, J. and Traviglia, A., eds. IKUWA6 28 November-2 December 2016 Western Australian Maritime Museum Fremantle. Shared Heritage: Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress for Underwater Archaeology Freemantle: Western Austrailia Museum.
  • Anderson, E.F. and Cousins, T., 2019. Interactive Presentation of Archaeology in the Historical Context and the Present - Virtual Heritage Experiences that Blend Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage. In: CAA-UK 2019: annual meeting of the UK Chapter of Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology 4-5 October 2019 Bournemouth, UK.



Profile of Teaching PG

  • Applied Maritime Archaeology
  • Applied Field Investigation (Maritime)
  • Marine Enviroment and Spatial Planning
  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Managment of Archaeological Material
  • Ancient Ships

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Maritime Archaeology
  • Practical Diving

Conference Presentations

  • EAA 2023 Weaving Naratives, The Mortar Wreck - a 13th century ship carrying a cargo of stone, 30 Aug 2023, Queens University Belfast
  • L’invasion oubliée : l’expédition anglaise de Louis de France (1215-1217) dans son contexte européen, The contribution of archaeology: the discovery of a thirteen century shipwreck, 26 Jun 2023, Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • AGSTR2023 : Anthropological insights into Ground Stone technologies, The Mortar Wreck:A Medieval Shipwreck Carrying a Cargo of Purbeck Marble Mortars, 26 Apr 2023, The University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and the French Centre for Scientific Research
  • IKUWA 6, The Maritime Archaeology of Duplex Drive Tanks in the UK, 28 Nov 2016, Western Austraila Museum, Freemantle
  • TAG 2014, Poole’s D-Day Heritage, 15 Dec 2014, Manchester University


  • BSc (Hons) in Maritime Archaeology (Bournemouth University, 2009)