Xiaoxiao Liu

Xiaoxiao Liu

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Xiaoxiao Liu is a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Media at Bournemouth University. Her research focuses on Natural Language Generation in the medical conversation systems. She received a Master's degree in Translation and Interpreting at Tianjin University of Technology, China. She completed another Master's degree in Computer Science at Swansea University, UK, with a focus on the visualization of parallel texts.


As a crucial component in medical chatbots, the natural language generation (NLG) module converts a dialogue act represented in a semantic form into a response in natural language. Continuous meaningful conversations in a dialogue system require not only understanding the dynamic content from the ongoing conversation but also being able to generate up-to-date responses according to the context of the conversation. In particular, the conversation generation module should convert the responses represented in semantic forms in natural language. Giving appropriate responses will help the users to increase affective interactions and be willing to give more detailed information on their symptoms. By doing so, the conversation generation will assist the diagnosis system better.

In this research, I will develop a medical conversation generation system and focus on enhancing the naturalness of the responses generated so that the user experiences of the medical chatbot will be improved.

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