What’s Wrong with the Feedback?

Authors: Simons, A., pedersen, K.P., fonseca, J.F. and Prakoonwit, S.P.


Start date: 26 June 2017

Publisher: Elsevier

It has already been for a while that educational institutions and researchers tried to find an answer to the recurrent critics of learners on how feedback is delivered. Many emerging technologies have been used with a limited success, therefore there must be some other factors. What we learned from observing different feedback was that written feedback is not very attractive. Most of the feedback was not enjoyable to consult or difficult to access. This research proposes an answer to how to make feedback more appealing, especially when artefacts are submitted, and formulate some recommendations to develop an effective feedback tool. This research is not aiming for feedback on written reports where tools such as Turnitin are sufficient.

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