The development and evaluation of the SmartAbility Android Application to detect users’ abilities

Authors: Whittington, P., Dogan, H., Jiang, N. and Phalp, K.

Start date: 4 May 2019

The SmartAbility Android Application recommends Assistive Technology (AT) for people with reduced physical ability, by focusing on the actions (abilities) that can be performed independently. The Application utilises built-in sensor technologies in Android devices to detect user abilities, including head and limb movements, speech and blowing. The Application was evaluated by 18 participants with varying physical conditions and assessed through the System Usability Scale (SUS) and NASA Task Load Index (TLX). The Application achieved a SUS score of 72.5 (indicating ‘Good Usability’) with low levels of Temporal Demand and Frustration and medium levels of Mental Demand, Physical Demand and Effort. It is anticipated that the SmartAbility Application will be disseminated to the AT domain, to improve quality of life for people with reduced physical ability.

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