Jincen Jiang

Jincen Jiang

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I am currently working toward the Ph.D. degree with the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) at Bournemouth University, Poole, U.K., by Prof. Jian Jun Zhang and Prof. Jian Chang. Prior to that, I received the Master degree in the College of Information Engineering at Northwest A&F University (NWAFU, Project 985 of China) from Prof. Meili Wang in 2023.


My research focuses on 3D Shape Analysis with deep learning, i.e., the representation learning of 3D point cloud for 3D object classification and segmentation. Specifically, I'm working on how to learn point cloud latent features with novel self-supervised signals. My research in the future would like to extend to 3D vision, such as 3D scene reconstruction, human pose recognition, and other work that can apply advanced technologies to real life. Before I got into deep learning, my early works were mainly focused on Computer Graphics, including the completion of partial point clouds and the denoising of point clouds with perturbations, and these works laid the solid base for my research.

Journal Articles

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  • Jiang, J., Lu, X., Ouyang, W. and Wang, M., 2023. Unsupervised contrastive learning with simple transformation for 3D point cloud data. The Visual Computer.
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