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I am working as an Archaeological Research Technician on the INEA Project (Identifying activity areas in Neolithic sites through ethnographic analysis of phytoliths and geochemical residues). This project involves the comparison of a modern traditionally built mud brick village with a range of Neolithic sites. The modern village of Ma'tan and the archaeological sites of Beihda, WF16 and Ain Ghazal are all situated in Jordan. The aim of the project is to Integrate combined phytolith and geochemical methods to identify activity areas within settlements (e.g. middens, floors, hearths) through ethnographic analysis. This will determine if certain areas have unique phytolith and geochemical signatures that can be used to identify these same areas archaeologically.

I am currently writing up my PhD thesis which is part of the Central Zagros Archaeological Projects (CZAP) based at the University of Reading. My PhD investigates animal management in the Central Zagros of Iran and Iraq through the analysis of ancient animal dung. This research is carried out using portable X-ray fluorescence, spot sampling/smear slide analysis, micromorophology, phytolith analysis, GC MS, SEM/EDX and ethnoarchaelology.

Journal Articles

  • Elliott, S., Bendrey, R., Whitlam, J., Aziz, K. and Evans, J., 2015. Preliminary ethnoarchaeological research on modern animal husbandry in Bestansur, Iraqi Kurdistan: Integrating animal, plant and environmental data. Environmental Archaeology: the journal of human palaeoecology.
  • Elliott, S., 2014. The Origins and Spread of Domestic Animals in Southwest Asia and Europe. Reviewed by Sarah Elliott. Archaeological Review From Cambridge, 29, 185-235.
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  • Jenkins, E., Baker, A. and Elliott, S., 2014. Past plant use in Jordan as revealed by archaeological and ethnoarchaeological phytolith signatures. In: Mithen, S. and Black, E., eds. Water, Life and Civilisation. Climate, Environment and Society in the Jordan Valley. Cambrideg University Press.


  • BA (Hons) in Ancient History and Archaeology (2007)
  • MSc in Geoarchaeology (2008)
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