Derek Pitman

Dr Derek Pitman

  • 01202 962474
  • dpitman at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer (Academic) in Archaeology (Fixed-Term)
  • Christchurch House C123, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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I joined the Department of Archaeology, Anthropology & Forensic Science at Bournemouth University in 2014 as a Lecturer in Archaeology. I am currently the unit leader for Field and Research Skills, Later Prehistoric Britain and Archaeological Practice. While at Bournemouth I have taught aspects of the following units;

• Ancient Peoples and Places

• Archaeological Science

• Approaches to Archaeology

• Archaeological Practice

• Management of Archaeological Materials

• Post-Excavation studies

• Professional Practice in Post-Excavation

• Recording and Understanding Archaeological

• Reporting, Investigative and Practical Skills

• Studying Ancient Materials

• Themes in Archaeology and Anthropology

Before joining the department I completed an MSc in Archaeomaterials and a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Sheffield. While at Sheffield I was involved in the Sintashta Collaborative Archaeology Project, The Stonehenge Riverside Project and the Purbeck Experimental and Archaeological Research School (PEARS)...


Journal Articles


  • Pitman, D. and Doonan, R.C.P., 2016. Beyond the grave: Crafting identities in the Middle Bronze Age Southern Trans Urals. In: Horn, C., ed. Warfare in Bronze Age Society: The Impact of Combat and Warfare on Societies in Bronze Age Europe and Beyond. Cambridge University Press.
  • Doonan, R.C.P., Hanks, B., Pitman, D., Kupriyanova, E. and Zdanovich, D., 2015. Eventful deaths – eventful lives? Bronze age mortuary practices in the late prehistoric Eurasian steppes of central Russia (2100–1500 BC). In: Renfrew, C., Boyd, M. and Morley, I., eds. Death Rituals, Social Order and the Archaeology of Immortality in the Ancient World: 'Death Shall Have No Dominion'. Cambridge University Press.
  • Doonan, R., Hanks, B., Zdanovich, D., Kupriyanova, E., Pitman, D., Batanina, N. and Johnson, J., 2014. Metals, society, and economy in the Late Prehistoric Eurasian Steppe. Archaeometallurgy in Global Perspective: Methods and Syntheses. 755-784.
  • Hanks, B.K., Chechuchkov, I., Doonan, R.C.P., Pitman, D., Mušic, B., Medarich, I. and Mori, M., 2014. Noveyshiye rezul'taty i perspektivy issledovaniy mikrorayona drevnego rasseleniya Ust'ye i doliny reki Nizhniy Toguzakmore. Drevneye Ust'ye: Ukreplennoye poseleniye bronzovogo veka v Yuzhnom Zaural'ye. Chelyabinsk Pedagogical University.
  • Doonan, R.C.P., Pitman, D., Hanks, B.K., Zdanovich, D. and Kupriyanova, E., 2013. Organisation Der Metallurgie Der Sintašta-Kultur. In: Gorelik, A. and Linden, M., eds. Aus dem Herzen Eurasiens – Schätze des alten Kasachstans. Bochum.
  • Pitman, D., Hanks, B.K., Montgomery, D., Van Brempt, L., Kupriyanova, E. and Zdanovich, D., 2013. Exploring Metallurgy at Stepnoye: the role of ceramics in the matte conversion process. In: Doonan, R.C.P. and Dungworth, D., eds. Accidental and Experimental Archaeometallurgy.. HSM.
  • Pitman, D., 2012. Review of “Experimentation and Interpretation: the use of experimental archaeology in the study of the past”. Archaeological Review from Cambridge. Cambridge.


PhD Students

  • Daniel Carter
  • Owen Kearn, 2022. Investigating & interpreting the sources of stone & ceramic building materials used in Roman Bath

Profile of Teaching PG

  • I have taught aspects of the following units; Recording and Understanding Archaeological Landscapes, Management of Archaeological Materials, Professional Practice in Post-Excavation.

Profile of Teaching UG

  • I have taught aspects of the following units; Ancient Peoples and Places, Applications of Archaeological, Approaches to Archaeology, Archaeological Practice, Post-Excavation studies, Reporting, Investigative and Practical Skills, Studying Ancient Materials.


  • Understanding the relationships between high-temperature industries and early Islamic urbanisation. (British Academy, 31 Aug 2016). Awarded

Conference Presentations

  • 41st International Symposium on Archaeometry, New prospects: geophysical and geochemical survey at the 10th century city of Madinat al-Zahra, Spain, 15 May 2016, Kalamata, Greece
  • Computer Applications in Archaeology - International, Seeing things differently.  The use of combined geochemical and geophysical prospection techniques to investigate early Islamic town planning., 29 Mar 2016, Oslo, Norway
  • Computer Applications in Archaeology - UK, Seeing things differently.  The use of combined geochemical and geophysical prospection techniques to investigate early Islamic town planning., 05 Mar 2016, Leicester, UK

External Media and Press

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