Emma Jenkins

Dr Emma Jenkins

  • 01202 968184
  • ejenkins at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Associate Professor
  • Christchurch House C218b, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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I am an Environmental Archaeologist whose research interests are focused on the Neolithic of southwest Asia. I am particularly interested in why and how people made the switch from being mobile hunter-gatherers to settled farmers. I have two archaeological specialisms which I use to address these questions phytolith and microfaunal analysis.

I have an undergraduate degree in Archaeology from the University of Bristol and an M. Phil and Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge. I am a committee member for the Association for Environmental Archaeology and in my spare time I enjoy cycling, walking and reading.


I am currently involved in a number of research projects involving the Neolithic of southwest Asia.

I have recently been awarded an AHRC, Early Career grant in collaboration with Dr Carol Palmer (CBRL), Prof John Grattan (University of Aberystwyth) and Dr Helen Smith (Bournemouth University). The aim of this project is to develop a combined phytolith and geochemical method to help us understand how space was used in early Neolithic sites through the ethnographic analysis of Bedouin camp sites and traditionally built villages in Jordan (http://research.bournemouth.ac.uk/2014/07/inea-project-2/).

I work on the WF16 project (a PPNA site in southern Jordan), the Eastern Fertile Crescent Prehistory Project (EFEC) which explores the transition from foraging to farming in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq, the Boncuklu Project and the Çatalhöyük Project.

Journal Articles

  • Elliott, S., Palmer, C., Samantha Lee, A. and Jenkins, E., 2019. Examining Neolithic Building and Activity Areas through Historic Cultural Heritage in Jordan: A Combined Ethnographic, Phytolith and Geochemical Investigation. Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant : CBRL.
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PhD Students

  • Michelle Feider. Understanding early Neolithic communities in Anatolia: using small vertebrates to inform on the palaeoenvironmental and social conditions during the transition from mobile hunter-gatherers to settled farmers

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Unit Leader Level M Advanced Zooarchaeology

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Unit Leader for Environmental Archaeology
  • Option Leader for Post Excavation-Environmental Remains
  • Unit Leader Level C Gathering Time

Invited Lectures

  • Magdalene College, University of Cambridge: Life on the Wadi Edge: Excavations at the PPNA site of WF16, southern Jordan
  • British Academy, London, 15 Mar 2017 more


  • Identifying activity areas in Neolithic sites through ethnographic analysis of phytoliths and geochemical residues (AHRC, 01 Jan 2014). Awarded

Internal Responsibilities

  • Outreach and Recruitment Lead, Archaelogy, Anthropology and Forensic Sciences Departmental Leadership Team
  • REF Outputs Champion, Archaeology, Anthropology and Forensic Sciences REF Team
  • Member, PGR External Examiner Approval Committee

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • 2016 Mini BU Archaeologists: Skull Workshop, Talbot Woods Pre-School, BU, Poole
  • 2016: Human Evolution workshop, Hamworthy Park Junior School, Poole
  • 2016 BU Mini Archaeologists:sand-pit digging activity. Talbot Woods Pre-School, BU, Poole
  • 2016 St Lukes primary School Visit-Farmyard animals from the inside out.
  • 2016 Talk on Wadi Faynan 16 a Neolithic village in Jordan-South Wessex Archaeological Association
  • 2016 Archaeology/Anthropology Talk and Osteoarchaeology Practical-Brockenhurst College
  • 2015 Archaeology talk and Osteoarchaeology practical-Luton Sixth Form College
  • 2015 Osteoarchaeology Talk and Practical-Ringwood Waldorf Steiner School
  • 2015 Stand at Glenmoor and Winton Academies Career Convention
  • 2015 Bournemouth University Webinar for International Applicants
  • 2014 Archaeology talk on the Neolithic-Luton Sixth Form College
  • 2014 Archaeology talk on the Neolithic-Strode College, Somerset
  • 2014 Archaeology Talk and Practical-Osteoarchaeology-Richard Huish College, Somerset
  • 2014 Stonehenge talk and Practical Activity-Hillside First School, Verwood
  • 2014 Stand at Bournemouth School Career Fair
  • 2014 Particpant in Meet the Scientist Day-Thomas Hardye School, Dorchester
  • 2014 Designed and participated in an A Level teacher CPD course
  • 2014 Neolithic Archaeology Talk-Ringwood Waldorf Steiner School
  • 2013 An in house Archaeology day for AS/A Level students from Brockenhurst College
  • 2013 Designed and participated in an A Level Teacher CPD course
  • 2013 Talk and stand at Careers Convention-Bournemouth and Talbot Heath Schools
  • 2013 Archaeology talk for the Bishop of Wordsworth School's History Society
  • 2013 Zooarchaeology talk and practical for AS/A Level Students-Brockenhurst College
  • 2013 Archaeology talk-Bournemouth School for Boys
  • 2013 Archaeology Talk-St Brendan's Sixth form College, Bristol
  • Ongoing-STEM Ambassador and Outreach Coordinator for Archaeology and Anthropology
  • 2013 Archaeology Talk and Workshop-Broadstone First School

Conference Presentations

  • Association of Environmental Archaeology, Combining phytolith analysis and geochemistry to study ephemeral sites in dynamic environments, 29 Sep 2016, Rome
  • International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, Exploring methods for site characterisation in ephemeral Neolithic and ethnographic sites in Jordan, 25 Apr 2016, Vienna
  • International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, . Estimating Population Parameters of Early Village Societies in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic Central and Southern Levant, 25 Apr 2016, Vienna
  • 13th Synchroton-Light For Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) User Meeting User Meeting, Synthesis of a range of analytical techniques used in archaeological projects in Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Turkey: X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, portable X-ray fluorescence, environmental scanni, 25 Nov 2015, Amman
  • European Association of Archaeologists, A Tale of Two methods: Applying Phytolith and Geochemical Analysis to Study the Use of Space at Ethnographic and Neolithic Ephemeral Sites in Jordan, 02 Sep 2015, Glasgow
  • 1st Petra International Conference on Cultural Tourism, New Research on the Old Village of Al-Ma’tan: Futures for the recent past, 17 May 2015, Ma'an, Jordan
  • Society for American Archaeology, An Integrated phytolith and geochemical approach to understanding activity areas and the choice of building materials in Neolithic sites using ethnographic analysis, 15 Apr 2015, San Francisco
  • British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology, A new integrated approach to understanding household activity areas using phytolith and geochemical signatures from ethnographic and archaeological sites in Jordan, 07 Jan 2015, London
  • British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology, Rural Settlement, House Forms and Oral Histories in Southern Jordan, 07 Jan 2015, London
  • British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology, Studying Phytolith and Geochemical Soil Signatures in Bedouin Campsites at Wadi Faynan, Jordan, 07 Jan 2015, London
  • Association for Environmental Archaeology, An integrated approach to understanding activity areas using phytolith and geochemical signatures from ethnographic and archaeological sites in Jordan, 07 Nov 2014, Plymouth
  • -British Association for Near eastern Archaeology, Reconstructing past water management with plant stable isotopes: possibilities and applications of a novel technique, 09 Jan 2014, Reading
  • World Archaeological Congress, Plant carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios for the reconstruction of past water availability: new insights, 13 Jan 2013, Dead Sea Region, Jordan
  • Experimental Archaeology Conference, Reconstructing past water availability with plant stable isotope ratios: re-assessing a method by using experimental archaeology, 06 Jan 2012, York
  • Experimental Archaeology Conference, Phytoliths as indicators of past water availability and palaeoeconomic practices, 08 Jan 2011, Reading
  • Experimental Archaeology Conference, Stable isotope analyses of ancient cereal grains for environmental reconstruction: using experimental archaeology to improve existing methodology, 08 Jan 2011, Reading
  • British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology, Changes in Plant Exploitation from the PPNA to the PPNB in Wadi Faynan: Analysis of Phytoliths from WF16 to Ghuwayr 1, 07 Jan 2009, Durham
  • Society for American Archaeology, The Ecological Footprint of Early Levantine Cereal Exploitation, 24 Apr 2007, Austin, Texas
  • British Association of Near Eastern Archaeology, Water, Life and Civilisation: Experimental Crop Growing for Phytolith Analysis, 01 Apr 2007, Birmingham
  • International Meeting on Phytolith Research, Phytoliths as Indicators of Irrigation: An Outline of On-going Crop Growing Experiments and their Implications for Phytolith Research, 05 Sep 2006, Barcelona
  • Society for American Archaeology, Serial Collectors of the 12th to 11th Millennium BP: A Possible Case Against Cultivation in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A in the Jordan Valley, 24 Apr 2006, Puerto Rico
  • Society for American Archaeology, Phytoliths as Indicators of Plant Use at Çatalhöyük, 24 Apr 2006, Puerto Rico


  • BA (Hons) in Archaeology (University of Bristol, 1997)
  • MPhil in Archaeology (University of Cambridge, 1999)
  • PhD in Archaeology (University of Cambridge, 2004)


  • Association for Environmental Archaeology, Ordinary Committee Member, http://envarch.net/
  • British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology, Steering Commitee (2016-), http://banealcane.org/banea/
  • Council for British Research in the Levant, Member (2014-),
  • Higher Education Academy, Fellow (2014-),
  • Society for Phytolith Research, Member,
  • STEMNET (Science, Technology, Engineeering and Mathematcis Network), Member (2013-), http://www.stemnet.org.uk/
  • WISE (Women in SCience technology and Engineering), Member (2016-), https://www.wisecampaign.org.uk/
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