William Haydock

Dr William Haydock

  • whaydock at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Visiting Fellow
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I have written widely on issues of alcohol and drug policy, having completed a PhD at Bournemouth University that looked at ideas of gender and class in people's understandings of drinking in the night-time economy.

After completing my PhD I worked for the Russell Group of Universities on higher education policy, with particular focus on university admissions, widening participation and public engagement, as well as immigration policy. I also did some work on employability and business collaboration

As well as being a Visiting Fellow at the university, I now work for Public Health Dorset, which has superseded the Dorset Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) in commissioning drug and alcohol treatment services within the Dorset County Council area.

Journal Articles


  • Haydock, W., 2019. From harm to psychoactivity: The clarity of morality in the 2016 psychoactive substances act. Prohibitions and Psychoactive Substances in History, Culture and Theory. 235-254.
  • Haydock, W., 2010. "Everything is Different": Drinking and distinction in Bournemouth. In: Wellard, I. and Weed, M., eds. Wellbeing, Health and Leisure. Eastbourne: Leisure Studies Association, 63-80.


  • Haydock, W., 2014. From Methadone and the National Treatment Agency to Alcohol Brief Interventions and Public Health England:Reflections on the Direction of Travel in Local Government Substance Misuse Policy. In: New Problems, Old Solutions? 11 December 2014 University of Leeds.
  • Haydock, W., 2013. Towards an ‘eclectic’ and ‘quirky’ night-time economy? An analysis of government, culture and class in Bournemouth. In: Drinking Dilemmas: Space, Culture & Identity 12-13 December 2013 Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Haydock, W., 2013. Regulating the carnivalesque: rationality, responsibility and distinction in the Coalition Government’s alcohol policy. In: Under Control:Alcohol and drug regulation past and present 21-23 June 2013 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
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  • Haydock, W., 2009. 'Binge' drinking, neo-liberalism and individualism. In: Eberle, T., ed. 9th Conference of the European Sociological Association: ESA 2009 2-5 September 2009 Lisbon, Portugal.
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Internet Publications



  • PhD in Sociology (Bournemouth University, 2009)
  • MA in Social Research (Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2006)
  • BA (Hons) in Modern History and Politics (Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 2005)