Yasser Abuali

Dr Yasser Abuali

  • yabuali at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Lecturer in Journalism, English and Communication
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I am a lecturer in Journalism, English, and Communication, and a researcher in media, communications, and journalism.

My research broadly explores the intricacies of journalistic role performance, media practices, professional journalistic practices during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and the societal context influencing professional journalistic practices, particularly within the Arab world and beyond.

As a principal investigator, I led Kuwait's participation in the second wave of the global journalistic role performance research project across 37 countries.

I have co-published several research papers with colleagues from Bournemouth University and international institutions, thus contributing significantly to the academic dialogue in these crucial domains.

Journal Articles


  • Abuali, Y., Navarro, C., Al Shallal, A., Yousef, F. and Mauricio Duarte, L., 2024. Evaluating journalistic routines in Kuwait: The use of information sources. In: ICA 2024 JRP Annual International Communication 19 June-20 April 2024 Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Mellado, C., Jackson, D., Abuali, Y. et al., 2024. The societal context of professional practice: Examining the impact of politics and economics on journalistic role performance across 37 countries. Journalism.