Xin Zhao

Dr Xin Zhao

  • Lecturer in Marketing Communications
  • Weymouth House W423, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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I am the Programme Leader of MA Media and Communication. My research broadly explores media representations, media audience, and journalism practice surrounding the topic of social justice, such as environmental justice and racial equality. I have published in journals including Journalism, Journalism Studies, International Journal of Communication, Asian Journal of Communication, and Global Media and Communication.


I am currently a co-investigator of the following research projects:

1. Journalistic Role Performance Around the World (with Daniel Jackson, Jamie Matthews, Einar Thorsen, Antje Glück, and Yasser Abuali). We are the UK team for this cross-national, theory-driven endeavour to systematically analyse the state of journalistic cultures in the new media landscape across the world. For more information please refer to

2. Journalism students across the globe (with Daniel Jackson and Einar Thorsen). We are the UK representatives for a global comparative study of the professional norms, values, and attitudes of journalism students. For more information please refer to

Journal Articles

  • Zhao, X., 2022. Constructing the us and them dichotomy through the notion of responsibility: An integrated framework. Global Media and Communication.
  • Saptorini, E., Zhao, X. and Jackson, D., 2022. Place, Power and the Pandemic: The Disrupted Material Settings of Television News Making During Covid-19 in an Indonesian Broadcaster. Journalism Studies, 23 (5-6), 611-628.
  • Zhao, X., Guan, M. and Liang, X., 2022. The Impact of Social Media Use on Online Collective Action During China’s COVID-19 Pandemic Mitigation: A Social Identity Model of Collective Action (SIMCA) Perspective. International Journal of Communication, 16, 85-106.
  • Zhao, X., Jackson, D. and Nguyen, A., 2022. The Psychological Empowerment Potential of Solutions Journalism: Perspectives from Pandemic News Users in the UK. Journalism Studies, 23 (3), 356-373.
  • Zhao, X., 2021. How “public” is communicated in China’s public diplomacy: Communicating environmental justice in the case of air pollution in China. Networking Knowledge, 14 (2), 65-94.
  • Zhao, X., 2021. Journalistic construction of congruence: Chinese media’s representation of common but differentiated responsibilities in environmental protection. Journalism: theory, practice and criticism, 22 (8), 2139-2157.
  • Zhao, X. and Guan, M., 2021. Can you secure a job through Twesume? Examining strategic communication for self-promotion on social media. Communication Teacher, 35 (1), 32-36.
  • Zhao, X., 2021. Auditing the “Me Inc.”: Teaching personal branding on LinkedIn through an experiential learning method. Communication Teacher, 35 (1), 37-42.
  • Zhao, X. and Xiang, Y., 2019. Does China's outward focused journalism engage a constructive approach? A qualitative content analysis of Xinhua News Agency's English news. Asian Journal of Communication, 29 (4), 346-362.
  • Zhao, X., 2018. Book Review: Keith J. Butterick Complacency and collusion: A critical introduction to business and financial journalism. Journalism: theory, practice and criticism, 19 (1), 123-125.
  • Zhao, X., 2016. A review on China’s soft power projection through its transnational media institutions: Conveying discourse of economic responsibilities in media ‘going-out’. for(e)dialogue, 1 (1), 27-39.


  • Zhao, X., Jackson, D., Nguyen, A. and Glück, A., 2021. The Psychological Empowerment of Solutions Journalism: Perspectives from Pandemic News Users in the UK. In: The 2021 conference of The International Journal of Press/Politics 13-16 September 2021 Online.
  • Saptorini, E., Zhao, X. and Jackson, D., 2021. Place, power and the pandemic: The disrupted material settings of television news making during COVID-19 in an Indonesian broadcaster. In: 71st Annual International Communication Association Conference 27-31 May 2021 Online.
  • Zhao, X., Guan, M. and Liang, X., 2020. Digital media use and collective action: Detailing the mediating role of injustice in the social identity model of collective action in China’s coronavirus pandemic mitigation. In: Sixth International Conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics 21-22 September 2020 Online.
  • Zhao, X., 2019. A Re-Examination of Media Representations of “Us” and “Them” Opposition through the Lens of National Responsibility in China-U.S. Trade Interactions. In: Fifth International Conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics 16-17 September 2019 Loughborough University.
  • Zhao, X. and Guan, M., 2019. GIFTS: Securing a Job through Twesume: Examining Strategic Self-Promotion on Social Media. In: 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference 24-28 May 2019 Washington.


PhD Students

  • Endah Saptorini. News-making Crisis in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic: An Ethnography study on a Television in Indonesia

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Media Diversity & Cross-Cultural Communication (unit leader)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Consumer and Stakeholder Insights
  • Research Principles and Practice (unit leader)

Internal Responsibilities

  • Programme Leader, MA Media and Communication Programme
  • Convenor of speaker series, Science, Health and Data Communication Research Centre

Attended Training

  • Supervisory Development Training for Established Supervisors, 17 Feb 2020, Established Supervisors