Yvette Staelens

Yvette Staelens

  • ystaelens at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Senior Teaching Fellow (0.3 FTE)
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Journal Articles


  • Historic landscapes and mental well-being. Oxford: Archaeopress.



  • Staelens, Y.J.E., 2020. The Birdlip Woman. In: Glastonbury Goddess Conference - Earth Mother 2020 30 July-2 August 2020 online.
  • Hennessy, C., Staelens, Y. and Lankshear, G., 2011. Cultural connectivity and leisure lives - Presented as part of the symposium “Conceptualizing Older People's 'Connectivity' and Contributions to Community Life”, Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, Boston, November 2011. In: 64th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting 2011 19-22 November 2011 Boston, USA.
  • Staelens, Y., Silk, A. and Hennessy, C., 2011. Elders in the travelling community: Celebrating the intangible cultural heritage of a rural minority group. In: British Society of Gerontology 40th Annual Conference 2011 5-7 July 2011 Plymouth, Devon, UK.
  • Staelens, Y., 2008. Chalky’s Find. In: ICOM International Management Committee, INTERCOM Management Scenarios 5 2008.
  • Staelens, Y., 2007. Excavating Songs. In: Muzealisation Conference November 2006 Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  • Staelens, Y., 2006. The Cultural Crucible, in New Roles and Missions for Museums. In: INTERCOM Symposium, ICOM: New Roles and Missions of Museums 2-4 November 2006 Taipei International Convention Center, Taiwan.



  • Staelens, Y. and Bearman, C.J.. The Singing Landscape exhibition - a celebration of Cecil Sharp. Photographic exhibition and interpretative panels. The Singing Landscape - a celebration of Cecil Sharp. Touring exhibition with Multiple venues. 1 January 2009-26 June 2010.
  • Staelens, Y.. Somerset Sisters in Song. Photographic exhibition. Somerset Sisters in Song. Museum of Somerset, Taunton, Somerset, UK. 1 December 2016-5 June 2017.

Invited Lectures

  • Folk Carols of England, Society of Antiquaries, 24 Nov 2015 more

External Responsibilities

  • English Folk Dance and Song Society, Trustee and Board Member (2013-2017), http://www./efdss.org
  • Bristol University Centre for The History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth, Committee Member (2012-)


  • Society of Antiquaries of London, Fellow (2008-),
  • Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Member (2006-),
  • West Gallery Music Association, Member (1999-),
  • Museums Association, Fellow (1983-),