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Julian McDougall is Professor in Media and Education, Head of the Centre for Excellence in Media Practice and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He is editor of the Media Education Research Journal and Journal of Media Practice, leads a special interest group in Media Literacies for the United Kingdom Literacy Association and runs the Doctorate in Creative and Media Education at Bournemouth University.

Prior to joining CEMP, Julian was Reader in Education and Ed D Programme Leader in the School of Education Futures at the University of Wolverhampton, before which he was Head of Media & Creative Arts and Reader in Media Education at Newman University, Birmingham. Julian moved to HE on completion of his PHD after a decade teaching and managing Media and Creative Arts courses in further education.


Julian is the author / editor of a range of books, chapters, journal articles and reports in the fields of media, education and pedagogy, literacy, cultural theory and technology.

He is founding co-editor of the Media Education Research Journal and co-editor of the Journal of Media Practice.

He has completed / is working on research and knowledge projects for RCUK funding, charities and industry including AHRC, ESRC, the European Union, the Media Education Association, Sixteen Films, Media for Development and Samsung.

At Bournemouth, Julian is UoA Lead for Education and runs a Learning Research Group for the Centre for Excellence in Learning.

He currently supervises doctoral research enquiry into media education, media literacies, new media practices and digital ethnography.

Journal Articles



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  • McDougall, J. and Readman, M., 2015. Mediated Pedagogies. In: Media Education Summit 20-21 November 2015 Emerson College, Boston, MA.
  • McDougall, J., Eccles, S., Berger, R. and Wardrop, A., 2015. Fused in All Ways. In: ESRC Festival of Social Science 12 November 2015 Bournemouth University.
  • McDougall, J., 2015. Media Literacy in the Digital Age. In: Media Education Summit 20-21 November 2015 Emerson College, Boston, MA.



  • McDougall, J., 2004. Subject Media: A Study in the Sociocultural Framing of Discourse. PhD Thesis. Birmingham University, School of Education.

PhD Students

  • Damien Homer (The rhetoric of participation: An evaluation of the impact of learners’ voices initiatives in a College of Further Education)
  • Jo Royle (Journalism entrepreneurship and higher education)
  • Emma Walters (Beyond Subject Media: An Exploration of Transferable Skills as Codified Raw Ingredients for Labour Market Demands)
  • Reshad Somauroo (Boys and Their Toys: Creating the Modern Multiplatform Property)
  • Misti Savage (The home literacy practices of young multilingual children)
  • Marzena Hiles (Cohort cultures and the ‘student voice’ in creative and media subjects in UK Higher Education)
  • Neelam Parmer (The role of New Media Literacy Learning in Early Childhood Education)
  • Anthony Avery (Creativity and Media Literacy)
  • Christian Wilke-Zhang (Digital Ethnography as a Transferable Pedagogic Tool)
  • Peter Westman (Digital Ethnography as a Transferable Pedagogic Tool)

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Ed D Creative and Media Education (all) - Programme Leader
  • MACME (all)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Media in Transition

Invited Lectures

  • International Media and Information Literacy Forum, Riga, Latvia
  • Media Education Manifesto Symposium
  • Keynote presentation: Design Education Forum of South Africa: annual conference
  • Media and Information Literacy Education in the UK - EC / COST network conference, Sorbonne, Paris (2013)
  • Keynote: Teaching Media After the Media - Saudi Journalists UK conference, Salford University, 2012
  • Media Education Research Symposium, Ontario Canada (2013)
  • Media Literacy: The Incomplete Project - Media Literacy Research Symposium, Fairfield University, Connecticut (March 2014)
  • Mediaptation: Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change, July 2014
  • Keynote Speech: Media Education Summit, Ravensbourne, London
  • Keynote Speech: Media Education Association inaugural conference, Warwick University
  • Keynote Speech Discussant (with David Gauntlett): BFI Media Studies conference, London
  • Keynote Speech: Media Education conference, Christchurch, NZ


  • Media Literacy Survey (UK Expert) (European Audiovisual Observatory, Council of Europe, 03 Jun 2016). In Progress
  • From Digital Learning to Capability (Samsung, 01 Dec 2014). Awarded
  • The Spirit of 13 (Media Education Association / BFI, 10 Jun 2013). Awarded
  • Digital Tranformations: Reading Games as Authorless Literature (AHRC, 04 Feb 2013). Awarded
  • Young Dads' TV: Impact Evaluation (Media for Development, 09 Sep 2012). Awarded
  • Social Documentary as a Transferable Pedagogic Tool (European Union, 11 Nov 2010). Awarded
  • Extending the Open Access Copyright User Portal (RCUK / University of Glasgow, 01 Sep 2013). Awarded

External Responsibilities

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Screening of films made for the project and filmed discussion with film-makers, Ken Loach and stakeholders appearing in his 'Spirit of 45' film
  • Workshop sharing outcomes of AHRC Digital Transformations project
  • The Spirit of 14: Workshop on Media Literacy for Political / Civic Engagment


  • COST Action ISI401 Strengthening Europeans' Capabilities by Establishing the European Literacy Network (ELN)
  • United Kingdom Literacy Association: Media Literacies SIG Convenor

Conference Presentations

  • MECCSA, Myth Today and Together: Theory Under Reconstruction, 9 January 2014, Bournemouth University
  • MECCSA, Panel Convenor: Pedagogic Research in Media and Cultural Studies: Future Priorities, 9 January 2014, Bournemouth University
  • Media Education Summit, Bring your bric a brac to the theory shack: porous ethnography, media literacy, civics .... and Ken Loach, 20 November 2014, Goethe Institute, Prague
  • Media Education Summit, Media Literacy, Education and (Civic) Capability: A Transferable Methodology, 20 November 2015, Goethe Institute, Prague
  • Media Education Association, Media Literacy, Education and Civic Capability: A Transferable Methodology, 28 November 2014, British Film Institute, London
  • Society for Research into Higher Education, Curating Knowledge Exchange: Let us Mess About!, 10 December 2014, Celtic Manor, Newport
  • Barthes 100, Barthes Mythologies Today (Panel Convenor), 30 March 2015, Cardiff University
  • OCR Media conference, Postmodern Media: Blackstar v Everything Else, 18 March 2016, London
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Disciplinary Approaches to Educational Enquiry., Enquiry into Learning and Teaching in Art and Creative Practice., 6 June 2014, University of Birmingham
  • United Kingdom Literacy Association conference, Digital Media Literacy and Education: Production, Civic Engagement and Pedagogy., 3 July 2015, Nottingham University
  • Media Education Summit 2015, Media Literacy Education in the Digital Age, 20 November 2015, Emerson College, Boston, MA
  • Media Education Summit 2015, Co-creating Media Literacies in the Secondary Curriculum: travels in double-think., 20 November 2015, Emerson College, Boston, MA
  • Media Education Summit 2015, Slats, Slubb and Tablets, 20 November 2015, Emerson College, Boston, MA
  • Media Education Summit 2015, Mediated Pedagogies (Roundtable), 20 November 2015, Emerson College, Boston, MA


  • BA (Hons) in Communication Studies (Sheffield Polytechnic, 1990)
  • MA in Critical Theory (Nottingham University, 2002)
  • PGCE in English and Communications (University of Leicester, 1994)
  • PHD in Education (Birmingham University, 2004)


  • Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) (Higher Education Academy, 2016)


  • Higher Education Academy, Principal Fellow (PFHEA) (2016-),
  • Media Education Association, Executive Committee Member (2009-),
  • Routledge / Taylor and Francis: Open Access Higher Education Advisory Group, Member (2015-),
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