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Bronwen Thomas has taught on the Communication and Media degree at Bournemouth since 1996 and helped design BA English and MA Literary Media. Bronwen is Director of the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community, and was Head of Research and Professional Practice for the School of Journalism, English and Communication from 2014-17.

Bronwen's recent publications include a textbook on Narrative (Routledge 2015) based on her experience of teaching on BU, and a co-edited volume of essays on Dialogue Across Media (John Benjamins 2017). Most of her current research interests are based on exploring creativity and storytelling in digital spaces and she is currently writing a book on Literature and Social Media (Routledge 2018).

She has been a Principal Investigator on three AHRC funded projects exploring how digital technologies are transforming reading. The latest, Reading on Screen ( captured the experiences of readers making the transition from print to screen through the creation of a series of digital stories...



My current research involves exploring the impact of new digital technologies (ereaders, tablet computers etc) on readers and reading. I am also interested in how readers use online spaces and social media to discuss their reading and interact with other readers, and in investigating how we might draw on these activities to better engage our students as readers. This research involves working closely with a number of leading academics both in the UK and internationally. I also work closely with students, online and offline communities of readers and stakeholders from the locality, including librarians, teachers and writers.


Journal Articles



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Internet Publications

PhD Students

  • Phil Mathews. Towards defining the character arc model in screenwriting theory and practice
  • Alec McAulay. Welcome to Prime-Time: The Western Screenwriter in Japan: Screenwriting Considerations in Transnational Cinema
  • Ming Zhang. Slash Fan Fiction in China
  • Stephen Allard. When does Page become Stage? Exploring Evolving Poetic Practices in Digital Spaces
  • Dan Hogan. Inside Story—The Challenges of Reporting Longform Journalism
  • Tara Douglas, 2016. Tales of the Tribe: Animation as a tool to preserve indigenous culture in North East India (graduated 2016)
  • James Pope, 2007. Reader Responses to Interactive Fiction (graduated 2007)

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Markets and Audiences, Dissertation/Major Project

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Dissertation BAComm and BAE

Invited Lectures

  • A Game of Shadows: Rediscovering Literary Classics, Trier, 15 Jul 2014 more
  • Keynote speech at the 2014 Marginalised Mainstream conference at Senate House London on 'Disguise Online'
  • Narrative and Social Media - keynote paper at the Experimental Narratives Conference, SAS, London
  • The Literature of the Twittersphere, University of West of England, 04 May 2017 more
  • Teaching New Media, Queen Mary's London, 07 Apr 2017 more
  • Digital Reading, Belgium, 01 Dec 2017 more
  • Reading on Screen, Middlesex University, 08 Feb 2019 more


  • Reading on Screen (Arts and Humanities Research Council, 17 Apr 2017). In Progress
  • Digital Reading Network (AHRC, 01 Jul 2013). Awarded
  • Researching Readers Online (Arts and Humanities Research Council, 01 Feb 2012). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • UKRI, Future Leaders Fellowship Peer Review College (2018-)
  • Memories of Fiction, AHRC funded project University of Roehampton, Advisory Group Member (2016-2018)
  • Opening Up Digital Fiction, Judge (2016-)
  • University of Bangor, The Stephen Colclough Centre for the History and Culture of the Book, Advisory Board Member (2015-),
  • AHRC Peer Review College, Member

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Panel Member, Digital Writers Festival, Australia
  • 'Reading on Screen'
  • Interview for That's a Cult Podcast
  • Reading Roadshow
  • Southbourne Literary Society
  • Poole Literary Festival
  • Judge for the Opening UP Digital Fiction Prize 2017
  • Guest on Hope FM's drivetime show talking about the Reading on Screen project
  • Guest on CBC's Spark radio show talking about Twitterfiction
  • Article on digital reading for The Conversation

Conference Presentations

  • Internet Rules! Association of Internet Researchers Conference, Moderating Readers and Reading Online, 05 Oct 2016, Berlin


  • PhD in Dialogue in the Comic Novel (Manchester University, 2005)
  • MA in The Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Novel (University of East Anglia, 1988)
  • BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature (University of Birmingham, 1987)
  • PGCE in Further and Higher Education (Bolton Institute of Higher Education, 2010)


  • Association of Internet Researchers, Member,
  • European Network of Narratology, Member,
  • Meccsa, Member,
  • Project Narrative, Ohio State University, Associate,
  • SHARP, Member (2017-),
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