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Zoheir Sabeur is Associate Professor of Data Science at Bournemouth University (2019-present). He is Visiting Professor of Data Science at Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, USA (2017-present). He was Science Director at School of Electronics and Computer Science, IT Innovation Centre, University of Southampton (2009-2019). He led his big data research team in 27 large projects as Principal Investigator (PI). These were supported with research grants (totaling £7.0M) and awarded by the European Commission (under FP6, FP7 and H2020), Innovate UK, DSTL, NERC and Industries. Prior to Southampton, Zoheir worked as Director and Head of Research, Marine Information Systems at British Maritime Technology Group Limited (1996-2009), where he led his team in the development of advanced environmental nformation systems, in particular the PROTEUS system for the UK O&G Industries and UK Government. Prior to that, Zoheir held several academic appointments at Oxford Brookes University(1993-1995), University of Leeds(1991-1993), University of Strathlcyde(1990-1991), and University of Wuppertal (1987)...


Journal Articles

  • Granell, C., Sabeur, Z. et al., 2016. Future Internet technologies for environmental applications. Environmental Modelling and Software, 78, 1-15.
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  • Havlik, D., Schade, S., Sabeur, Z.A., Mazzetti, P., Watson, K., Berre, A.J. and Mon, J.L., 2011. From sensor to observation web with environmental enablers in the future internet. Sensors, 11 (4), 3874-3907.


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  • Mörzinger, R., Sabeur, Z. et al., 2010. Tools for semi-automatic monitoring of industrial workflows. 81-86.

PhD Students

  • Andrew, 2021. Big data analytics for safer ships navigation in arctic harsh environment(s)
  • Robert, 2017. Computational Free Surface Flows and Impact on Porous Structures

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Cyber Situational Awareness - 65018_FST_COM_L6
  • Data Science Technologies - 68392_FST_COM_L5

Invited Lectures

  • European Big Data Value Forum Seminars, Siemens Conference Center Vienna, Austria, 14 Nov 2018 more
  • Institute of Engineering and Technology Lecture, IET, Isle of Wight, 25 Jan 2018 more
  • ECS Data Science Seminar Series, University of Southampton, ECS, 13 Jul 2016 more

External Responsibilities

  • European Big Data Value Association (BDVA), Co-Chair of Ai and Data Science Task Group (2019-)
  • University of Southampton - School of Electronics and Computer Science, External PhD supervisor (2018-)
  • Colorado School of Mines, Golden, USA, Visiting Professor of Data Science (2017-)
  • DGGS - OGC International, Chair of the DGGS SW and DW groups (2017-)


  • Advanced Leadership Processes in Executive Management (Ashridge Business School (UK), 2011)
  • Chartered Physicist (CPhys) in Physics (Institute of Physics, 1996)
  • Chartered Engineer (CEng) in Computing and Informatics (UK Enginerring Research Council, 1996)
  • PhD in Theoretical Physics (University of Glasgow, 1990)
  • MSc in Theoretical Physics (University of Glasgow, 1986)
  • BSc First-Class Honours in Physics and Applied Mathematics (Universite d'Oran, 1984)
  • Baccalaureat (With Distinction) in Techniques Mathematiques (Lycee Technique d'Oran, 1980)


  • British Computer Society, Fellow (2019-),
  • Institute of Marine Enginering, Science and Technology, Fellow (2017-),
  • Institue of Physics, Member (1996-),
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