Doug Hardman

Dr Doug Hardman

  • Lecturer In Psychology
  • Poole House P328, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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I am a lecturer in Psychology in the Faculty of Science & Technology. Prior to joining Bournemouth University, I completed a PhD at the University of Southampton exploring the placebo effect in general practice medicine.


My research is interdisciplinary, focussed on the psychology and philosophy of medical practice. In particular, I explore how clinicians and patients make sense of and enact the clinical encounter.

I specialise in qualitative methodologies, notably ethnography, grounded theory, and critical discourse analysis.


Journal Articles



  • Hardman, D. and Bishop, F.L., 2018. The importance of logic when choosing how to approach a systematic review: Lessons from a meta-ethnography of how healthcare professionals and patients understand placebos and their effects in primary care. Sage.
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