Marketa Zezulkova

Marketa Zezulkova

  • mzezulkova at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
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Media Education Consultant, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Malta (May 2013)

National Expert on Formal Media Education in the Czech Republic, EU's Media Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme (Jun 2012 - May 2014)


Journal Articles


  • Zezulkova M, 2015. Media Learning in Primary School Classroom: Following Teachers' Beliefs and Children's Interests. Reflections on Media Education Futures. Gotenborg: Nordicom&University of Gotenborg, 159-170.
  • Berger, R., Wardle, J. and Zezulkova, M., 2013. No longer just making the tea: Media work placements and work-based learning in higher education. Cultural Work and Higher Education. 87-109.


  • Berger R and Zezulkova M, 2015. Moving from Platform-Centric towards Experience-Centric Approaches to Media Pedagogy and Research. In: Media Education Summit 20-21 November 2015 Emerson College, Boston.
  • Zezulkova M, 2015. Whole Person Hermeneutic Media Learning in the Primary School Classroom. In: Media Education Summit 20-21 November 2015 Emerson College, Boston.
  • Zezulkova M, 2015. Are We Raising Media Critics or Cynics? In: Populism, Authoritarianism and the Media: The age of mediocracy and mediocracy 12-14 November 2015 Charles University, Prague.
  • Zezulkova M, 2015. Holistic Media Learning. In: Media Education Futures 8-9 May 2014 University of Tampere, Tampere.
  • Zezulkova M, 2015. Challenges and Opportunities of Researching Children’s Holistic Media Lives. In: Comparing Children’s Media around the World: Policies, Texts and Audiences 3-4 September 2015 University of Westminster, London.
  • Woodfall, A. and Zezulkova, M., 2015. ‘Media is a Plural’ – What Children Might Know and Research May Seem to Forget. In: International Conference on Communication and Mass Media 11-15 May 2015 Athens, Greece.
  • Berger R, McDougal J and Zezulkova M, 2014. Media Literacy, Education and (Civic) Capability: A Transferable Methodology. In: Media Education Summit 20-21 November 2014 Goethe Institute, Prague.
  • Oliver J and Zezulkova M, 2014. Key Note: Media Management from Kindergarten to Boardroom. In: EMMA Pre-Conference: Media Management Education 11 June 2014 Tallinn University, Tallinn.
  • Zezulkova M, 2014. Media Making at Schools and the Rebirth of Holistic Education. In: 9th Global Conference Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children 14-16 March 2014 Prague.
  • Zezulkova M and Estrada F, 2013. Learning Good Things from Bad Guys: Narconovelas in Colombia. In: Media Education Summit 19-20 September 2013 University of Sheffield, Sheffield.
  • Zezulkova M, 2013. Whole Person Media Education. In: Media Trends Conference ‘Crossroad Challenges: Children and the Media’ 8-10 April 2013 Webster University, Geneva.
  • Zezulkova, 2012. Sharing as Part of Media Literacy. In: New York State Communication Association Conference 19-21 October 2012 Ellenville, New York.
  • Zezulkova M, Du Y and Rodriguz A, 2012. Cómo Entender la Libertad de Prensa y Represión Cobertura transnacional de la enfermedad del Presidente Hugo Chávez (Understanding Press Freedom and Repression: Cross-national Coverage of Chavez's Illness). In: Media, Power and Citizenship Conference 17-18 May 2012 FLASCO, Quito.
  • Zezulkova M, 2011. Cross-cultural Perspective on the Philosophy of Higher Education in Media and Promotional Studies. In: MeCCSA-PGN Conference 21-22 July 2011 Bournemouth University, Bournemouth.


Invited Lectures

  • Child’s Dialogic Media Life, Smolenice Castle, Slovakia, 11 Nov 2015 more


  • An Ontology of digital toolkits (Bournemouth University, 01 Nov 2016). In Progress
  • Visiting Scholar in Chinese University of Hong Kong & Mars Media Research (Santander Mobility Award, 01 Jul 2014). Completed
  • Networking and Conference Activities in Prague (PGR Development Fund, 10 Mar 2014). Completed
  • Visiting Scholar in the University of Antioquia & Media Education Research in Schools (Santander Scholarship, 15 Jul 2013). Completed
  • Visiting Scholar in Emerson College and Media Education Lab a & Media Education Research in Schools (PGR Development Fund, 03 Sep 2012). Completed
  • Philosophy of Media Education (BU PhD bursary, 24 Jun 2011). Completed
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