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Joyce is from the US Army/Department of Army and spent 19 years as a broadcast journalist and public affairs specialist. She has dealt with a wide variety of international crises around the world ranging from the first free elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina, to UN inspectors being kicked out of Iraq, humanitarian aid missions in Central America, Asia and Africa and the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics to name a few. Additionally, she has taught foreign officials, NATO allies and non-profit groups’ leaders in communicating to a variety of stakeholders, dealing with the media and reputation management while in the Middle East and Europe. She has been teaching PR and Leadership at BU since September 2014. Her research focus is on public service motivation, corporate social responsibility and media management.


Journal Articles

  • Costello, J., Homberg, F. and Secchi, D., 2020. The Public Service Motivated Volunteer: Devoting Time or Effort? Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 49 (5), 989-1014.
  • Best, E. and Costello, J., 2019. The Impact Of Public Service Motivation On Fundraising- The Emotional Charity Marketing Flaw. Ekonomski vjesnik/Econviews - Review of Contemporary Business, Entrepreneurship and Economic Issues, 2 (2019).
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  • Homberg, F. and Costello, J., 2019. Public service motivation and civic engagement: The role of pro-social motivations in shaping society.



  • Md Shajahan, A. and Costello, J., 2019. Public Service Motivation and Teamwork in Project Management Success. In: European Academy of Management 20-23 June 2018 Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Best, E. and Costello, J., 2018. Saving a dog's life over a refugee- the charity marketing flaw. In: 17th International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing 6-7 September 2018 Bournemouth University.
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Scholarly Editions


PhD Students

  • Md Yasin Al Fahad. Developing taxonomy of corporate social responsibility strategies and practices in UK creative media SMEs.

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Leadership Essentials
  • Investigating a Business Issue From a Human Resouces Perspective
  • Crisis Communication and Reputation
  • People Resourcing and Development
  • Managing Employee Relations

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Professional Public Relations
  • Applied Public Relations Campaigns
  • Understanding Organizations and HRM (Marketing)
  • Written and Visual Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Relations Innovation and Enterprise
  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Digital Communications
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns


  • European Media Management Summer School (European Media Management Association, 04 Jul 2018). Awarded
  • ITV Advertising Effectiveness: Solus and Group Viewing (Independent Television Service, 03 Jul 2017). Completed
  • Investigating Forms of Leadership in a Digital Age (Bournemouth University, URAP, 04 Jun 2017). Awarded

Internal Responsibilities

  • Academic Patron, PR Society

Conference Presentations

  • XXII IRSPM Conference -International Research Society for Public Management, Media Employees Display of Public Service Motivation In Their Online Professional Identities, 11 Apr 2018, Edinburgh, UK
  • British Academy of Management,  Hi-Ho It’s off to work we go. Do employees with CSR programs volunteer more as a result?, 05 Sep 2017, Warrick University, Coventry, UK
  • European Academy of Management, Enterprise Social Media Impact on Human Resource Practices, 21 Jun 2017, Glasgow, UK
  • European Media Management Association, Professed or Actual: Investigating Pro-Social Behavior of Sky Employees, 10 May 2017, Ghent, Belgium
  • International Society for Third-Sector Research, Does coerced volunteering undermine the prosocial motivation of volunteers? A moderated mediated analysis., 28 Jun 2016, Stockholm, Sweden
  • European Academy of Management, Effects of Disorganization on Team Problem Solving and Motivation- An Agent-Based Modeling Approach, 01 Jun 2016, Paris, France
  • Academy of Management, I have got a new attitude: When does public service motivation generate dedicated volunteers?, 10 Aug 2015, Vancouver, Canada
  • European Academy of Management, Call of Duty: does millennial attitudes towards public service make them more committed volunteers? An investigation of PSM, P-O Fit and volunteering intensity, 17 Jun 2015, Warsaw, Poland
  • European Academy of Management, Put the pedal to the metal: Using Public Service Motivation to analyze volunteer behavior, 04 Jun 2014, Valencia, Spain


  • PhD in Public Service Motivation and Volunteering (2016)
  • MA in Advertising and Marketing Communications (Bournemouth University, 2012)
  • BA (Hons) in Marketing (Texas State University, 1993)


  • European Media Management Association, Member (2017-),
  • European Public Relations Education and Research Association, Member (2017-),
  • CIPR, Member (2015-),


  • International History of Public Relations
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